Avatar Rogue Benders Codes (May 2024): Get 500 Yuanz

Avatar Rogue Benders Codes (May 2024): Seeking the most recent Avatar: Rogue Benders codes? You have arrived at correct destination. In this comprehensive manual, we compile the most up-to-date active codes that can be redeemed for various complimentary rewards. Such rewards encompass currency, boosters, in-game items, and additional benefits. Our team consistently updates this list whenever fresh codes become available thus we advise you to bookmark this page and revisit it in the near future.

About Avatar Rogue Benders

Avatar Rogue Benders draws its inspiration from Avatar: The Last Airbender manga and anime series. Players assume the role of benders with one element randomly assigned as they begin training their powers for use in combat. This game boasts an expansive open world environment reminiscent of RPGs that I find extremely engaging due to the abundance of activities and unique locations to discover. Your character’s characteristics and appearance are determined randomly, but you have complete freedom to modify them using Spins at a Meditation Mat. As you explore the game world, you will encounter various trainers who can impart new abilities – but for this, Yuanz will be required. By undertaking quests, currency will accrue steadily so you can become an ace bender!

Avatar Rogue Benders codes

Avatar Rogue Benders Codes (Active)

5KSUBSONYOUTUBEWOWUse for 15 Spins (New)
1500SUBSONYOUTUBESPINS24Use for 15 Spins
SecretSpinCode3102024Use for 15 Spins
GOSUB2DRYELEMENTREROLL5KUse for 1 Element Reroll (New)
1400SUBSONYOUTUBESPINS24Use for 1 Element Reroll
hiddenelementrerollUse for 1 Element Reroll
THANKSFOR1700SUBSUse for 1 Element Reroll
HotfixElementRerollUse for 1 Element Reroll
31324THANKSFOR1500SUBSUse for 1 Element Reroll
DIRTBIRTHDAYONTOPUse for 1 Element Reroll
31124THANKSFOR1400SUBSUse for 1 Element Reroll

Expired Codes

Yuanz!500 yuanz
ElementReroll!element reroll
WElementReroll!element reroll
SubTwoDryElement!element reroll
SpinsO!five spins

How to redeem Avatar Rogue Benders codes?

Follow below provided steps to redeem all codes

  • Start by playing Avatar Rogue Benders on Roblox.
  • Once you’re in the game, search for a meditation mat.
  • When you find the mat, position your character near it.
  • Press the M key on your keyboard to initiate the meditation action.
  • Look for the option labeled Twitter codes in the left-hand corner of the screen.
  • Take note of the working codes provided in the list above.
  • Copy the codes from the list.
  • Paste the codes into the designated area for code redemption.
  • Finally press the “Enter” key to successfully redeem the codes.

How to get more codes for Avatar Rogue Benders?

One of the simplest methods to acquire fresh codes is by regularly consulting this guide. We diligently monitor and update this list with newly discovered codes on a frequent basis.

Additionally it is recommended to stay connected with the developer official Twitter, YouTube and Discord communities. Developers often release new codes through their social media platforms, making them the most reliable sources for obtaining the latest codes.

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