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Avatar Saga Codes (June 2023): [New Updated Codes List]


Avatars Saga is an incredibly popular mobile game that has taken the gaming industry by storm. Stay ahead of the competition with these Avatars Saga codes!

We’ve curated a comprehensive collection of all active Avatars Saga codes you can use right now. Be sure to check back as these are changed more often as the game gains popularity.

What Are Avatars Saga Codes?

Avatars Saga codes, gift codes or gift vouchers are unique codes developers give to players through public social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Instagram or YouTube channel. Occasionally they share these codes on a discussion website for the game too. Cheat codes differ from these Avatars Saga numbers in that they usually grant in-game currency or things (usually basic in-game currency or rarer rewards)). Most often these codes provide either basic currency or special currency which cannot be earned through gameplay alone.

Avatar Saga Codes

Avatar Saga Codes (May 2023)

Redemption CodeRewards
WELCOME50 B-Ingots, 50.0K Silver, 1.5X EXP Potion, Offline Grinding Card (2 Hours), and Junior Stunt Essence
ST77750.0K Silver, 2 1.5X EXP Potions, Offline Grinding Card (5 Hours), and 2 Individual Boss Challenge Tokens
VIP77760 B-Ingots, 50.0K Silver, 1.5X EXP Potion, 3 Protoss Upgrade Boluses, and 3 Junior Wings Essences
GIFT77750 B-Ingots, 60.0K Silver, 3 Mount Upgrade Boluses, 3 Junior Stunt Essences, and Offline Grinding Card (5 Hours)
BFF777120 B-Ingots, 2 Offline Grinding Cards (5 Hours), Boss Refresh Card (All-purpose), and 2 Level 2 Cold Jadestones
CM777288 B-Ingots, 50.0K Silver, and 2 Probe Tokens

Expired Codes

No expired codes available.

How Can I redeem Avatars Saga codes

  • To open the Welfare menu in-game, click on the gift icon located in the top right corner.
  • Select “Activation Code” at bottom of screen in this same menu and enter codes exactly as they appear on list above into text box provided.
  • To redeem your codes, press the “Collect Pack” button.
  • Exit out of the Welfare menu by clicking on the letter icon at the bottom left corner to open the Mail menu.
  • Finally, press “Collect All” to receive all prizes!

How to get more Avatars Saga codes?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and Discord are just some of the places you can find Avatars Saga codes. Generally speaking, developers release new codes only during accomplishments, festivals, partnerships or other special events. We never post hacks or supposed cheats since they usually don’t work or get your account suspended. We’ll add all the current redemption codes to this article once they become available – save this page and check back frequently so you don’t miss any codes!


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