Rogue Company Tier List (May 2024): Get The Top Heroes

Are You Seeking To Rise Within Rogue Company Tier List? Regardless if it be an experienced veteran or newcomer to the game, having a firm grasp on Rogue Company Tier List’s many Tiers and Top Agents is key to ascending it successfully. In this article we’ll break down each Rogue Company Tier List list while outlining each top agent as well as tips for using them effectively.

What Is Rogue Company?

Before delving into our Tier Lists for Rogue Company, let’s briefly define exactly what Rogue Company entails. Developed by First Watch Games and Hi-Rez Studios as a team-based multiplayer shooter game, Rogue Company features agents with unique powers and playstyles who form teams of three for missions against common enemies in team battles against timed missions.

Rogue Company Tier List

Understanding Rogue Company Tier List

Rogue Company offers several tier s for agents based on their effectiveness in different situation s, such as attacking or defending. These tiers are as follows:

  • S Tier: These agents are the creme de la creme. They possess exceptional s kill set s that make them invaluables assets to any team.
  • A Tier: Highly talented individuals who can be game changers when put into the right hands.
  • B Tier: Agents in this tier are generally reliable choices, though may not be as versatile as those in the higher tiers.
  • C Tier: These agents tend to be situational picks and may not be equally successful in all circumstances.
  • D Tier: Agents in this tier should not be used in competitive play as they tend to lack the skill sets of those higher up the ladder.

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Rogue Company Tier List

Let’s begin with Rogue Company S tier list:

S Tier

  • Anvil
  • Dahlia
  • Lancer
  • Saint

A Tier

  • Chaac
  • Dallas
  • Phantom
  • Scorch

B Tier

  • Gl1tch
  • Ronin
  • Talon
  • Vy

C Tier

  • Chacal
  • Kestrel
  • Mack
  • Seeker

D Tier

  • Trench

How to Utilize the Top Agents of Rogue Company Tier List

Now that you understand which agents are the top performers, it is vital that you learn to utilize them effectively. Here are a few pointers for each of the S-tier agents:

Anvil: Anvil’s shield ability enables him to block incoming fire, making Anvil an invaluable agent when controlling an area on the map. Furthermores, Anvil’s SM G weaponry provide s him with great close range firepower if needed.

Dahlia: Dahlia is an invaluable support agent, capable of healing teammates and transporting them if required. Additionally her SMG weaponry makes her an effective threat in clo se quarters combat.

Lancer: Lancer is an agile agent who can quickly flank enemy teams. She excels at silent sprinting without making noise, which mak es her hard to detect. Furthermore, Lancer’s SMG weapons prove highly effect-ive close range.

Saint: Saint is an indispensable asset to any team due to his remarkable abilities to revive fallen teammates and heal both himself and the team – making him an indispensable support agent.

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FAQ About Rogue Company Tier List

What is Rogue Company?

Hi-Rez Studios released First Watch Games’ team-based multiplayer shooter Rogue Company.

How is the Rogue Company tier list determined?

The tier list is determined by analyzing the effectiveness of each agent in different situations such as attacking or defending.

Are there any agents that are not recommended for use in competitive play?

Yes agents in the D tier are not recommended for use in competitive play and are often outclassed by agents in the higher tiers.

Can agents be effective in multiple situations?

Yes some agents in the higher tiers are very versatile and can be effective in multiple situations.

What should I consider when choosing an agent to play in Rogue Company?

Rogue Company agents should be chosen based on playstyle, situation and skills and weaknesses. To balance your team, discuss and coordinate your picks.


Knowing the Rogue Company tier list & which agents are the best is imperative if you want to progress in the game. Agents listed in S and A tiers should always be chosen, while those lower down may only be situational picks for teams. The using our tip provided for each agent, you can maximize their effective ness & dominate competitions.

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