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Yagami Yato Face Reveal: Age, Networth, and More


Yagami Yato Face Reveal: Yagami Yato is a voice actor and content creator who specializes in audio drama and fanfiction voice acting. She is well known for her work within the BL (boy’s love) and yaoi genres with an expansive following across various social media platforms. Yagami work often focus on romantic or intimate storylines with her unique voice and sound design earning her accolades from fellow content makers and voice actors alike. You can find her work online via YouTube, SoundCloud or Patreon platforms alongside other voice actors from around the world!

Who Is Yagami Yato?

Yagami Yato, real name Cleomi Myu, is a renowned social media star in the United States. She achieved notoriety through her YouTube channel titled Yagami Yato. Born on October 24th 2001 in California, USA, Yagami Yato will turn 20 years old in 2022.

Yagami Yato Face Reveal

Most people know Yagami Yato for the voice work she does on her YouTube channel. Yato also does voice work for a few anime shows. Yato’s work was deemed NSFW, which put him in the middle of the argument. Several of Yagami’s followers said that he gave the group of young people inappropriate information.

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Yagami Yato Face Reveal

Yagami Yato hasn’t shown her face online. She wants to remain anonymous. Respect her privacy and focus on her vocal acting and content creation.

Full NameUnknown (prefers to keep her identity private)
ProfessionVoice actor and content creator
GenreBL (boy’s love) and yaoi
Social MediaYouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, Patreon
BirthplaceCalifornia, United States
BirthdayOctober 24, 2001
Age22 years old
Notable Works“Shigaraki x Listener”, “Todoroki x Listener”, “Kuroo x Listener”, “Hawks x Listener”
CollaborationsYagami Yato has collaborated with other content creators and voice actors in the industry, including Taku Yashiro and Daman Mills.

Yagami Networth

  • Net Worth: Yagami Yato is expected to have a net worth of $768,000.
  • Her main source of income has been the content she makes for YouTube and Patreon.
  • Yato has more than 894K subscribers and 244 million views on his two YouTube channels.

FAQ About Yagami Yato

Who is Yagami Yato?

Yagami Yato creates audio plays and voices anime and manga characters. BL (boys’ love) is her specialty.

What is Yagami Yato’s Real name?

Cleomi Myu is her real name.

Is yato Yagami a girl?

However, Yagami has come out as a woman.

Where is Yagami Yato from?

Yagami Yato country of origin is not publicly known. However she is known to be fluent in both Japanese and English.

How did Yagami Yato get started?

Yagami Yato began her career on Tumblr posting fanfiction and audio recording of her own story. As her popularity grew she ventured onto other platforms such as YouTube and Twitter for further exposure.

What type of content does Yagami Yato create?

Yagami Yato content primarily focuses on voice acting and audio drama particularly within the Blue Light genre. She also creates original content as well as working with other creators.

What is Yagami Yato’s YouTube channel?

Yagami Yato’s YouTube channel is called “Yagami Yato,” where she posts her voice acting and audio drama content.

Does Yagami Yato have social media accounts?

Yagami Yato use @yagamiyato on Twitter and Instagram.

Is Yagami Yato’s content appropriate for all ages?

No, Yagami Yato content is primarily aimed at mature audiences and may contain explicit content.

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