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Project Baki 2 Trello Tier List: Congratulations on finding what you were searching for: the Project Baki 2 Trello board! Here, all the essential information regarding Project Baki can be found, from comprehensive guides, combat styles ranked from easiest to most challenging, gifting systems, products and destinations; to script codes wikiwikiand more…

As such, let us commence immediately the Project Baki 2 Trello Guide.

Project baki 2 trello

Project Baki II, inspired by the beloved anime series Baki the Grappler, is an outstanding video combat game.

As a beginner player, Street Fighting play style may serve as your initial point of reference.

Trainers can be found throughout the game world to offer lessons in various fighting techniques and styles, and as you level up in agility, intelligence, strength, and durability your menu unlocks more powerful powers and fights; increasing agility intelligence strength durability stats as a way to strengthen defense stamina damage etc.

There are various methods within-game to increase your character’s attributes, including completing quests or tasks, engaging in battle with foes or bosses, hitting gym sessions or shadowboxing.

Real money must be spent for gym membership fees so as to optimize use of bags and mats in this game.

Project baki 2 trello Tier List

Purchase food to increase daily nutrition intake. Options available this December include hot dog and ice cream vendors as well as Shawn’s Brazilian Cuisine.

Food requires exchanging some yen in exchange for performing tasks such as fighting bosses or serving as cashier/waiter/forest guard. You can earn this currency by performing tasks such as fighting bosses/servicing tables/fighting bosses etc.

Before initiating any move in the game, a four second global cooldown period typically applies; even an M1 Combo must first utilize one move!

Once you successfully block three Light Strikes of an opponent, they become temporarily stunned and are punished by not blocking or breaking you.

(This information may also be found within Project Baki 2 game’s settings tutorial).

Project Baki 2 Codes

Project Baki 2’s Release, In Project Baki 2, players take control of one of many playable characters to battle various foes in Roblox’s popular fighting game genre.

Project Baki 2 coupons will be released here in this article, so bookmark and visit frequently to view them all! For your best chances at savings, keep coming back.

Project Baki 2 Script 

Project Baki 2 has garnered immense popularity on Roblox since it launched two years ago and currently boasts more than 21 million players; recent improvements December account for this booming popularity. Take full advantage of our GUI script so as to fully appreciate this game and truly experience all it has to offer!


repeat wait() until game:IsLoaded() loadstring(game:HttpGet(""))()

How To Use Project Baki 2 Trello

Project Baki 2’s Trello board has several sections, each with cards. Since each card contains relevant information, users can quickly find what they need.

Here are the sections/ lists of Project Baki 2 Trello:

  • Basic Info
  • Fighting Styles
  • Event Fighting Styles
  • Shadow Man Fighting Styles
  • Unobtainable Event Fighting Styles
  • Locations/Important Locations
  • NPC/Bosses
  • Map/Annotated Map
  • Training/Jobs/Quests
  • Items
  • Relics
  • Implants
  • Titles
  • Gamepasses/DevProducts
  • Other – Credits

Project Baki 2 Trello Tier List

Download the Project Baki 2 Trello Tier List 2024 document here.

Street Fighting

Fighting StyleSpec/Hanayama
SquidyCurrent Abilities: 0 (starting style)
Punch ComboStreet
Special AbilityCan change to a different base style without actually needing to reset the style, though some in-game styles may require this one to gain it


Fighting StyleMohammad Alai
TrainerMohammad Alai
Requirements30 Agi, 10 Int, 30 Str, 10 Dur, 20 Levels

Read Also:

Pair of Punches (Boxing Comba)

Deception. Two left and two right uppercuts to finish off this deceptive combination, followed by one final left to complete it all. Deceptive.

Boxing’s LMB technique is among the fastest combat techniques. Fast punches before opponents have time to react are employed.

Pressing the right mouse button enables you to launch an effective windup jab against virtual adversaries, dealing a devastating blow that will break their willpower and put an end to their fight!

Boxing is an incredible fighting style which employs powerful Rushes and Jabs with dexterous movements to avoid attacks by your opponent. Boxers need dexterous footwork in circling around them quickly in order to dodge potential hits from attacks from attacking competitors.

Liver Blows

Cooldown7 seconds

One hell of a double whammy to the liver! and two liver shots that are slow yet effective in game. Each hit causes some knockback; during Mid-LMB Punch Combo additional blows December follow up to reset M1/Punch Combo and restore M1 Punch Combo to full strength.


Attributes30 Agi, 50 Str, 15 Dur, 10 Int
TrainerMohammad Alai

Liver Blows (Combo Resetting/Extending)

Combo NameLiver Blow Combo
InputLMB x4 >> Liver Blow >> LMB 5x

After landing a powerful, fairly double liver slow blow during Mid Punch/LMB Combo, the timer will reset and the combo will continue for another round.

Hawk Rush

Cooldown9 seconds

The last blow of Hawk Rush’s three-hit combo does modest damage but causes a significant amount of knockback overall.

Hawk Rush Step

Cooldown4 seconds

A fast forward sprint provides temporary immunity to harm.

Very brief Directional Dash that nevertheless provides a good half a second to one second of iframes. The primary benefit of Step is its ease of use, which would let the player to avoid many various types of strikes, including but not limited to:

  • Kicks
  • Punches
  • Take-downs

Furthermore, stretch and prolong your Combos. This ensures that the best Step December be used in each situation.

TrainerMohammad Alai Trainer
Attributes45 Agi, 0 Str, 0 Dur, 10 Int
Punch ComboKarate
StyleDoppo Orochi
TrainerDoppo Orochi
Requirements10 Agi, 15 Int, 30 Str, 25 Dur, 20 Levels
AbilityZenkutsu Barrage
Cooldown11 seconds
TrainerDoppo Orochi
Attributes25 Agi, 50 Str, 25 Dur, 30 Int
AbilityDouble Roundhouse
Cooldown6 seconds
TrainerDoppo Orochi
Attributes15 Agi, 40 Str, 25 Dur, 20 Int
AbilitySpear Kick
Cooldown7 seconds
TrainerDoppo Orochi
Attributes45 Str, 30 Dur, 20 Agi, 25 Int


Project Baki II on Trello should prove extremely interesting; we covered everything from Combat Style Tier List, Gifting System, Places & Goods as well as much more in this tutorial.

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