Where to Find Koval in The Invincible? The Ultimate Guide

Where to Find Koval in The Invincible? Koval is one of the crew members on board Nosgoth in The Invincible video game, acting as geologist to study Regis III where their ship has crashed. A brilliant scientist, but also eccentric at times.

Early in the game, Koval becomes one of the first crew members to disappear. Yasna eventually locates him at an extraction area; however, he appears disoriented by something he has seen and cannot speak or communicate in any form; Yasna can find scattered research notes which provide some clues as to what Koval may have been investigating before his loss of mind.

Where to Find Koval in The Invincible

Koval, a scientist working on the extraction team, is one of many missing crew members in The Invincible video game. To locate Koval, head to the extraction area. Once there, head straight ahead until passing beneath a rock formation and wrap right. Your tracker should show a white dot representing Koval – follow that until eventually finding him in a crater.

Where to Find Koval in The Invincible?

Koval will still be alive, though in an incoherent state and unable to communicate. You can inspect his research papers that lie around him for some clues as to what occurred, and perhaps where Dr. Gorsky has gone (the final missing crew member).

How to find Koval in The Invincible

Here is a more in-depth step-by-step guide on how to locate Koval in The Invincible: Overlord.

  • Head towards the area for game extraction.
  • Straight ahead and pass under the rock formation.
  • Be careful as you turn right. Follow the white dot that represents Koval on your tracker to continue towards him.
  • Find Koval hiding out in an underground crater.
  • Review all research materials found around him.

Once you have tracked down Koval and examined his research, you will gain more information regarding what happened to your missing crew members – and continue with your mission of searching for Dr. Gorsky.


Discovering Koval is a crucial milestone in The Invincible’s central storyline. His research records hold valuable insights concerning the Invincible’s crew and their mission.

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