What is Mega Nests In Pokemon Go April (2024)

Mega Nests 2024 Trainers in Pokemon Go must go to numerous areas in order to capture Pokemons. This is a time-consuming procedure, and if you become tired hunting after pokemon, there is an alternative for you.

In Pokemon Go, Pokemon Nests are rare areas where the same Pokemon spawns several times. For all players, these nests are placed around Poke Spots and Poke Gyms.So, if you don’t want to wander the cosmos in pursuit of Pokemon, here’s an alternative.

In Pokemon Go, what are Mega Nests and where can you find them?

What is Mega Nests In Pokemon Go

Mega Nests are bigger nests where Pokemon spawn in greater numbers in Pokemon Go. Poke Gyms and Poke Spots may be discovered around them. All trainers and gamers are welcome to visit the Mega Nests in order to locate the rare, shiny Pokemons that are normally tough to catch.

Trainers, in particular, are focused on shining hunting since it is the most convenient method to capture Pokemon. Simply locate a Pokemon Mega Nest or Nest near you and capture your favorite Pokemon. However, they are not always accessible. Mega N ests may only be found in the game on rare occasions, such as community days.

So keep an eye on all of these unique Pokemon Go community days and don’t miss out on your opportunity to easily acquire uncommon, shiny Pokemon. There’s also a feature called Spotlight hour, which makes Mega Nests open to all trainers in the vicinity.

Mega Nests are just the larger version of Pokemon Nests with a greater spawn rate for those who are already familiar with them. So, if you’re already familiar with Pokemon Nests, just repeat the process to acquire your preferred Pokemon.

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