How Do You Get Free Fire Diamonds In 2024 On MooGold?

MooGold Garena Free Fire has quickly earned itself a place of prominence among mobile royale fight game enthusiasts. This can be attributed to the game’s comprehensive features, such as visually appealing kits and competitive pets. Furthermore, exciting promotions and bargains have added to this appeal, providing players with an endless source of entertainment.

How Do You Get Free Fire Diamonds In 2024 On MooGold?

However, diamonds, a premium in-game currency used to buy unique goods like skins, pets, characters, and other game content, are required to feel the true spirit of this Battle Royale stimulus.

How Do You Get Free Fire Diamonds In 2024 On MooGold?

Unfortunately, many Free Fire enthusiasts will have to forego these outstanding features since diamonds aren’t free, and spending money isn’t always an option. For such players, top-up services like MooGold Free Fire come in handy. It aids in the acquisition of diamonds at a considerably lower cost.

This article walks players through the process of purchasing diamonds on MooGold and other websites similar to MooGold.

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What exactly is MooGold?

MooGold is a safe cyberspace merchant that helps gamers with their online cash needs. It is a well-established worldwide network that provides gamers with digital goods and information. If you’re looking for the greatest professional gaming solution provider, you’ve come to the right place.

MooGold offers reduced services to customers, giving them a better deal than the traditional method. MooGold provides a variety of in-game currencies as well as the ability to buy currencies, pay for power-leveling utilities, game top-ups, and mobile top-ups all in one place.

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Where can I get MooGold?

  • First, go to the MooGold website and create an account.
  • To choose a category or product, go to the store area and look for the game you want, or use the search bar tool to find it.
  • Select the product and quantity you want to buy.
  • Finish the checkout process by selecting and paying with your preferred payment method.After you’ve completed your purchase, wait patiently for the merchandise to arrive in a timely manner.

How Do I Make A Moogold Account?

MooGold’s registration process is just too easy. Those who are unfamiliar with the procedure must follow the procedures outlined below:

  • MooGold’s official website may be found here.
  • When you’ve arrived at the site, go to the Account tab.
  • When you do, an email with a verification link will be sent to you.
  • Verify your account by going to your email.
  • That is all there is to it.

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MooGold Free Fire Top-up

  • Go to MooGold’s official website.
  • Click on “Garena Free Fire” to get to the top-up page.
  • Decide how many diamonds you’ll need to buy.
  • Get your order number from MooGold’s live chat.
  • Enter your Free Fire player ID and order number.
  • Purchase the diamonds, and they will be credited to your Free Fire account within 30 minutes.

The MooGold Top-up service is a service that allows you to add money to your MooGold account.

Change the currency matching your area on the currency bar at the top right corner of the screen, immediately below the shopping cart. Change it to rupees for MooGold Free Fire India.

  • To meet your needs, MooGold accepts Visa, Paypal, bKash, and a variety of additional payment methods.
  • Only when you buy free fire diamonds for the first time may you get a bonus diamond.
  • To avoid unnecessary delays, make sure you have the relevant player ID with you.
  • To verify your eligibility for extra diamonds, submit your player ID to a MooGold supporter.

MooGold Price Offers Free Fire Diamonds

Diamonds BundlePrice (INR)
100 Diamonds + 10 Bonus Diamonds₹ 77.59
210 Diamonds₹ 161.32
210 Diamonds + 21 Bonus Diamonds₹ 155.18
530 Diamonds + 53 Bonus Diamonds₹ 387.94
645 Diamonds₹ 483.97
1080 Diamonds₹ 813.53
1080 Diamonds + 108 Bonus Diamonds₹ 775.89
2200 Diamonds₹ 1,613.23
2200 Diamonds + 220 Bonus Diamonds₹ 1,551.78
4450 Diamonds₹ 3,226.47
6900 Diamonds₹ 4,839.70
Weekly Membership₹ 164.40
Monthly Membership₹ 649.90

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2024 Websites That Are Similar To MooGold

If you disliked Moogold and are seeking a replacement, look no further because we have you covered.

1. Kharido

To meet the rising demand of Indian Free Fire fans, Garena has created this website with incredible bargains that you won’t be able to reject. Users who pay with Paytm for the first time are eligible for a 100% bonus.Furthermore, the survivors get twice as many diamonds of equal worth.


SEAGM (Southeast Asia Gamers Mall) is to be commended. It’s a trusted platform that conducts deals on a regular basis to provide gamers with a reasonable price for their currency transactions.

Codashop (#3)

Another reputable service provider for gamers all around the globe is AOL. This website has a far larger selection of games than Kharido Games, but just a few special deals.

That concludes our discussion. We hope you now have a better grasp of the website, how it works, and the advantages it provides, and that you make use of all of them.

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