Voltaic Jelly Terraria 2024: How Can I Get Voltaic Jelly In Terraria?

Voltaic Jelly Terraria 2024: Finding Voltaic Jelly can be a difficult challenge in Terraria. Although you start with some, collecting more may require effort. Several creatures drop Voltaic Jelly, and it can also be found inside cacti. However, since this rare material can be hard to come by, this blog will discuss effective methods to accumulate Voltaic Jelly for crafting items.

Terraria is an exciting game with many incredible items waiting for players, with Voltaic Jelly standing out as an especially coveted find. You can access this valuable material after defeating Desert Scourge and unlocking Hardmode content.

Beating Desert Scourge, your initial boss encounter in Calamity mod’s pre-Hardmode battles, should not prove too challenging; however, be prepared for some challenging battles to come!

What is Voltaic Jelly In Terraria?

The Voltaic Jelly is a Pre-Hardmode item that is dropped by Ghost Bells after the Desert Scourge has been destroyed. It gives you one more minion spot and gives your minions a chance to give you the Electrified debuff for one second.

Voltaic Jelly Terraria

How Can I Get Voltaic Jelly In Terraria?

To obtain Terraria Voltaic Jelly legitimately, you can engage in farming activities by defeating the in-game Ghost Bell mobs. This becomes possible after you have successfully defeated the pre-Hardmode boss known as the Desert Scourge.

The Desert Scourge is considered one of the easier bosses introduced in Terraria’s Calamity mod. Typically, players must overcome this boss prior to facing the Eye of Cthulhu.

Once they have defeated the Desert Scourge, players can explore the Sunken Sea aquatic biome in the game and encounter Voltaic Jelly as an opponent to be challenged and vanquished so they may obtain its accessory an accessory which includes Voltaic Jelly itself!

How to Make Jelly-Charged Battery

You can make a Jelly-Charged Battery in Terraria by using the Voltaic Jelly item. And here’s what else you’ll need to make it:

  • Wulfrum Battery x2
  • Voltaic Jelly
  • Purified Gel x10
  • Stormlion Mandible x2

Use an Iron or Lead Anvil and the above things to make a Jelly-Charged Battery.


Voltaic Jelly is an essential and captivating element in Terraria, both as an essential ingredient for crafting powerful electrical items and accessories as well as an electrifying decorative feature. Due to its special properties, Voltaic Jelly stands out as an exciting dynamic to gameplay; its ability to generate electricity provides renewable energy sources and gives players access to innovative electrical setups while strengthening abilities. Furthermore, Voltaic Jelly stands out as an attractive element within the game’s world that enriches your Terraria experience and adds electrifying charm as both crafting materials or decorative features in Terraria!

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