Twizzly gummy cookie Build April 2024 (Working)

Are You Experienced with Twizzly Gummy Cookie Toppings? If not, here you can find detailed instructions to build delicious Twizzly Gummy Cookies using only top quality toppings and in this article there will also be an Twizzly Gummy Cookie Base with Variety of Delectable Frostings provided for you to explore further!

Kingdom Come Cookies Twisted Gumdrop Toppings can add delicious extras that may increase her stats and abilities in-game.

Consider all available options and select one which fulfills your specifications best. One interpretation could be that using Twizzly Gummy Cookies with more intensity yields better results; we will lay out all available choices here so you can select what’s right for you.

Twizzly gummy cookie Build 2023
  • Toppings for the Twizzly Gummy Cookie are as follows:
  • Full CRIT Build with Juicy Apple Jelly (Best)
  • Crispy CRIT Sub Stats with Flaming Raspberries (X5)
  • Fiery Raspberry (3x) + Juicy Apple Jelly (2x) (With Mala on the team)

Since it enhances her CRIT, the Juicy Apple Jelly Toppings Build set is the superior selection for Twizzly Gummy Cookie Toppings.

Mala Sauce will add even more enjoyment to Twizzly Gummy Cookie when she joins you as part of your team in gameplay. Continue reading and find out why she goes so well together.

Twizzly Gummy Cookie Toppings would include Searing Raspberry with Crit Substats or double the quantity of Juicy Apple Jelly while tripling it (with Mala).

There Is More, So Take Time To Read On

Toppings of Black Raisins in Cookies Strengthen

  • Tier System for the Cookie Run Kingdom
  • Top Fillings for the Tastiest Cookies in the Lands of Cookie-Making Fun

About the Mala Sauce in Team

Mala Sauce comes highly recommended, since its unique ability grants an additional +1 CRIT to two teammates who already possess maximum CRIT. We felt this could only strengthen its impactful potential further and decided to pair Twizzly Gummy Cookies as part of Mala Sauce’s package of benefits.

Twizzly Gummy Cookie will benefit immensely from Mala Sauce’s skillset as she can deliver substantial CRIT DMG against opponents if she forms part of an ideal team composition.

Skill Data Fizzing Gummi Icing for Cookies

Background, Arrayed

  • Pure Vanilla’s in-game shield may be easily disrupted by Twizzly Gummy Cookie in player against player.
  • The Twizzly Gummy Cookie ability, “Twizzly Beam,” is a twist on the classic laser pointer.
  • The Twizzly Gummy Cookie completely charges her shoots and electrical jelly pistol to unleash a devastating laser beam.
  • If an enemy is struck by Twizzly Gummy Cookie’s laser beam when she is utilising her greatest talent, they will be Zapped.

This periodic debuff temporarily disrupts HP shield and does damage, without stacking with other debuffs. Meanwhile, Twizzler Gummy Cookie charges fully up for her eventual use; she will remain immune from negative consequences from discontinuing positive benefits during that period of time.

Fixings For A Gummy Twist

Twizzly Gummy Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom should be served with either one or two toppings – three would work, too – although three may come into play soon enough. It would be prudent to start off by thinking about using 5x Juicy Apple Jellies as topping; these will increase the probability of landing critical hits during combat and increase chances of scoring critical strikes!

In order to increase your odds of landing a critical strike by 20% while using high-level cover, five luscious apple jellies should be deployed as cover. Twizzly Gummy Cookie’s critical hit rate stands at 350% making this choice potentially advantageous in battle if its shot goes critical and hits. If successful it could prove devastating.

Option two utilizes five times as many searing raspberries. Every time a high-level Raspberry Cover is equipped, its ATK increases by three percent while for every five of them worn you gain another five percent increase; using searing raspberries gives an additional 20% of attack power!

This approach offers less of a risk but won’t prove as successful. The final cookie topping in Twizzly Gummy Cookie Run Kingdom features three times as many fiery raspberries than apple jellies; additionally, this topping gives an increase of both Critical Hit Power (6% of Critical Hits) and Attack Power (12 of Attack Power).

At the end of the day, how you play is ultimately up to you and is determined by you alone. Juicy Apple Jelly’s high-end five ingredient concoction would undoubtedly be ideal if your characters can consistently deal DPS damage.

However, you have complete freedom in making that choice and selecting an area which works well with your playstyle.

Adventure of the Twizzly Gummy Cookies

Can you imagine that? There are now tangled gummy wires and sparks shooting all over the place. Perhaps this explains Twizzly Gummy Cookie’s erratic demeanour. If she can only hold off on wreaking havoc for one day, she’ll be OK, so she tells herself.

Her Electrojelly Gun is a ticking time bomb that will set off a flurry of Freeling lightning in her hair. She’ll level a planet and wipe out the neighbouring one in-game.

To witness her inflict tremendous mayhem everywhere she arrives and in her conflicts is simply another game that brings her electric thrills inside the game, so it’s no surprise they nickname her the Cosmic Criminal.

It seems that she has finished tinkering with her virtual world and is now prepared to enter a new realm. We have no idea what she is planning. Her vile screams and raging conflagrations portend nothing good. Those who dare stand in her path had better hope they can take the pain.

Last Words

We created this Twizzly Gummy Cookie Toppers Build in hopes you enjoy it and find one to suit your specific tastes and requirements. We guarantee it!

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