Breeders of The Nephelym Cheat Codes (May 2024)

Breeders of The Nephelym Cheat Codes (May 2024): Breeders of the Nephelym is an engaging and captivating game that invites players on exciting adventures in a magical realm filled with amazing creatures. As you traverse vast landscapes and face unique challenges, having cheat codes as a reliable backup can add even more excitement to the gaming experience. In this article we will explore breeders of the Nephelym cheat codes for 2023 in depth to uncover hidden secrets and unlock new potentialities

Breeders of The Nephelym Cheat Codes

Breeders of The Nephelym Cheat Codes

All working cheat codes are provided here below:

Add MoneyEnter this cheat code to get 1,000,000 Orgasium (in-game currency).
Infinite LustEnter this cheat code to make every Nephelym have infinite lust.
Add FavorGives you 1,000 Godess’ Favor.
Infinite SpiritEnter this cheat code to enable spirit form infinitely.
Max Trait LevelEnter this cheat code to max a trait level.
All BarnsEnter this cheat code to unlock every barn in the game.
Max All Fluids
Win Surprise Sex
Win Wild Sex
Reset Wild SexTurns off the “Win Wild Sex” cheat, so your lust will once again go down.
Always ReproduceSets the pregnancy chance to 100% for every encounter.
Reset ProduceSets your pregnancy chance back to normal and turns off the “Always Reproduce” cheat.
All PortalsEnter this cheat code to unlock all portals with no lust required.
Imma Lazy SackUnlocks all gates in the game.
Go HomeEnter this cheat code to teleport to your house.
Enable Spirit FormEnter this cheat code to enable the spirit form.
Remove CheatsEnter this cheat code to remove cheats
World Levels 0Allows you to set the world level. Change “0” to 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 depending on the desired world level.

How to redeem cheat codes in Breeders of the Nephelym

To input cheat codes in Breeders of the Nephelym please follow these steps:

  • Start the game and press the Esc key.
  • Access the Settings menu.
  • Look for the Cheats section.
  • You will find an empty space where you can enter any of cheat codes provided.
  • Type in your desired cheat code and press return key to activate it.

Is Breeders of Nephelym Available on Steam?

Breeders of Nephelym is no longer available on Steam due to the game’s explicit content; however, you can still purchase and play it by supporting its creator’s project on Patreon. Currently boasting over 5,000 patrons, signing up can help you join an engaged community while staying informed on updates and content changes for Breeders of Nephelym.

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Final Words

At 2023’s release of Breeders of the Nephelym, cheat codes offered players several advantages and shortcuts within the game. Cheat codes have long been part of gaming culture, enabling users to manipulate gameplay mechanics, access hidden content or gain advantages that would normally require considerable time or effort for gain.

Cheat codes offer casual or relaxed gamers a way to bypass challenging obstacles or simply experiment with various aspects of a game, providing an edge they need and customizing their gaming experience according to personal tastes and preferences.

Disclaimer: All the information about the Breeders of The Nephelym Cheat Codes are provided only for information purpose. We does not promote such content.

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