Valorant Player Count February 2023, Monthly Player Count

Valorant Player Count: VALORANT is a popular tactical shooter with a large player base. It combines CS:tactical GO’s gameplay with Overwatch’s fantastic storyline for each agent. VALORANT released in 2020 to much praise and quickly won over many gamers. After two years, VALORANT still has a sizable player base and is eager to see what Riot has in store for them.

Valorant Player Count: Monthly Player Count of Valorant

Riot doesn’t provide player data, thus there’s no way to validate the precise amount of VALORANT players. According to, 22 million individuals played in the last 30 days. VALORANT has gained 17 million gamers during its history.

Valorant Player Count
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Valorant Player Count: Daily Player Count of Valorant

VALORANT’s 2 million daily gamers indicate how robust the player base is. This figure has risen since VALORANT’s debut in 2020, when it was 1.7 million.

Valorant: Overwatch vs Player Count and CS:GO

According to, VALORANT hasn’t achieved the population monstrosity of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Counter-Strike has 33 million active players in the previous 30 days and 2.2 million daily gamers. Most players return to CS sometimes, but not as frequently as VALORANT players.

Overwatch is no longer a top shooter. 9 million active gamers, 800k daily. Overwatch’s chaotic team-based gameplay previously captivated gamers.

Future of Valorant

VALORANT is a great game that will only grow in popularity. Riot’s constant release of new levels, agents, and skins explains why people keep coming back.

With a robust user base and fascinating gameplay, VALORANT has a promising future.

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