Valorant Player Count April 2024, Monthly Player Count

Valorant Player Count: VALORANT is an immensely popular tactical shooter with an extensive player base, merging elements from CS:tactical GO’s gameplay with Overwatch’s incredible storylines for each agent. After debuting in 2020 to much acclaim and quickly finding its audience among gamers worldwide – and two years on it still boasts an active community eagerly awaiting what Riot may bring them!

Valorant Player Count: Monthly Player Count of Valorant

Riot does not disclose player data, making it impossible to ascertain an accurate count of VALORANT players. reports 22 million individuals played during the past 30 days alone while 17 million gamers have joined over time VALORANT’s history.

Valorant Player Count
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Valorant Player Count: Daily Player Count of Valorant

VALORANT’s 2 million daily gamers indicate how robust the player base is. This figure has risen since VALORANT’s debut in 2020, when it was 1.7 million.

Valorant: Overwatch vs Player Count and CS:GO

According to, VALORANT has yet to reach the population levels seen by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Counter-Strike had 33 million players active over the previous 30 days with 2.23 million daily gamers logging onto it daily – most people return occasionally but less so often as with VALORANT players.

Overwatch is no longer one of the premier shooters. Formerly captivating gamers with its chaotic team-based gameplay, 9 million active gamers now spend less time enjoying Overwatch daily compared to before.

Future of Valorant

Riot Games’ continued release of new levels, agents, and skins is what keeps VALORANT popular with players; that explains why people keep coming back!

With an avid userbase and thrilling gameplay, VALORANT holds great promise for success in its future.

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