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V Rising free for Halloween, adds spooky Halloween Event


V Rising free for Halloween: Stunlock has made V Rising free-to-play for Halloween weekend, making it the ideal vampire survival game to conclude your scary season. The Bloodfeast event, which includes free decorations and a new LTM, will kick off the eerie celebrations.

From October 28 to November 1, V Rising’s Halloween haunting will include a free-to-play weekend in Vardoran, a Transylvanian-inspired environment. Halloween couldn’t get much better, right?

You may even buy frightening decorations to decorate your castle like Dracula to celebrate in style. From October 24 through November 7, the free Haunted Nights Castle DLC bundle contains:

  • Haunted Nights Wall Decor (2x Wallpapers)
  • Haunted Nights Gourd Lanterns
  • Haunted Nights Stained Glass Window
  • Haunted Nights Carpets
  • Haunted Nights Floating Gourd
  • Haunted Nights Standing Mirror
  • Haunted Nights Skull Candles
  • Haunted Nights Laughing Pumpkin
  • Haunted Nights Grinning Pumpkin
  • Haunted Nights Wailing Pumpkin
  • Haunted Nights Web Drapes for Pillars, Walls, and Windows
  • Haunted Nights Coffin
  • Haunted Nights Small Stash
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V Rising free for Halloween

V Rising free for Halloween

V Rising free for Halloween: I want Haunted Nights Carpets for my new castle since I relocated (aka two bedroom flat). Love me.
Lastly, a new LTM will change Vardoran. The new server “Mad Hunt” will spread V blood sites, spell locations, and technology over the globe. While there are boundaries, this will elevate things.
If Mad Hunt seems too crazy, you may randomise individual aspects on a private server. You can randomise V blood locations but not technologies.

To prepare for the scare of your life this scary season, check out our selections of the top vampire games and horror games. If you want to play V Rising, we have the optimal server settings and base locations listed.

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