COD Warzone: Who Is Dr. Karlov?

Dr. Karlov is a COD Warzone character who first appeared during the Haunting of Verdansk event. The Verdansk Gulag has an urban tale about a crazed doctor. Things were so bad that allegedly began testing his electric weaponry on the captured detainees. Scroll down to learn more about the game’s Dr. character.

Dr. Karlov

Where can I find Dr. Karlov in COD Warzone?

Karlov, who is this Call of Duty (COD) character? Dr. Karlov is a Halloween character that debuted as part of the Haunting of Verdansk event. Dr skin will be available as a skin for the Operator Bale in the game. You may get this as part of the Karlov Lives bundle from the in-game store. 2400 Call of Duty Points will be required to purchase this bundle (CP).

When you purchase the “Dr. Karlov Lives” package in COD Warzone, you will receive a total of ten items. Skins for the AK-47, MP7, and Combat Knife are also included.

The following things are included in this bundle:

  • Dr. Karlov Skin: Legendary Rarity:
  • Legendary Resonant AK-47 Blueprint Skin
  • Legendary Rarity Efflux MP5 Blueprint Skin
  • Thyristor Combat Knife Skin, Legendary Rarity
  • Legendary Rarity Capacitor Vehicle Skin
  • Tesla Coil Charm: Extremely Rare
  • Epic Rarity: Out of Mind Sticker
  • Wardenclyffe Emblem is an Epic Rarity.
  • Powe Surge Spray is an Epic Rarity.

The Dr. Karlov Lives bundle is still available in the game’s store. The relevant event, however, is no longer available.

In COD Warzone, this is everything you need to know about Karlov. You may also check out How to Fix Warzone Friends List Not Working Bug while you’re here.


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