COD Warzone: Who Is Dr. Karlov? New Update

Dr. Karlov was introduced to COD Warzone in the Haunting of Verdansk events. This crazy doctor is a urban legend from Verdansk’s Gulag. The situation became so dire that Dr. Karlov began testing his electric weapons on captured prisoners. Scroll down to learn more about Dr. Karlov’s character in the game.

How do I get Dr. Karlov into COD Warzone

COD Warzone: Who Is Dr. Karlov? New Update

Dr.Karlov was a character introduced as part of Haunting Of Verdansk Halloween. DrKarlov will be available as a skin to the Operator Bale in this game. This skin is part of DrKarlov Lives, which you can purchase from the in-game shop. This bundle will cost you 2400 Call Of Duty points (CP)
This bundle includes 10 items if you buy the Dr.Karlov Lifes bundle in COD Warzone. You will also receive skins for the AK47 gun, MP7 gun and Combat Knife.

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Other items included in this bundle include:

  • Dr Karlov Skin: A Legendary Rarity
  • Blueprint Skin for AK-47 Resonant: A Legendary Rarity
  • Efflux Blueprint Skin: Legendary Rareity
  • Thyristor Combat Knife skin: Legendary Rarity
  • Capacitor Vehicle Skin: Legendary Rarity
  • Tesla Coil Charm: Epic Rarity
  • Epic Rarity Sticker – Out of Mind
  • Wardenclyffe Emblem – Epic Rarity
  • Powe Surge Spray: Epic Rarity

The Dr.Karlov Lives bundle can be purchased in-game from the store. The event associated with the Dr. Karlov Lives bundle is no longer available.

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