Urabrask returns in MTG Streets of New Capenna as third

Urabrask: New Phyrexia’s red-aligned praetor is Urabrask, the Hidden. As his name implies, his reasons were hazy for much of the plot, making him the most enigmatic praetor.

Phyrexians have gradually resurfaced in the post-War of the Spark plotline, initially with Vorinclex in Kaldheim. In addition, Urabrask, the red-aligned Praetor, will make his third appearance in Magic: The Gathering’s forthcoming set, Streets of New Capenna. The Neon Dynasty featured Jin-Gitaxias. This version of Urabrask keeps haste, which aids Red’s tactics in drawing more cards and finishing the game.


Description: Urabrask

Flavor text quotes appear to imply that his goals during the Phyrexian/Mirran War (and possibly his current goals as well) were to transform Mirrodin into a form that he considers perfect, making him similar to his rival Jin-Gitaxias in goals, though very different in methods and most likely in the end result. He, like Jin-Gitaxias, refers to the “Great Work” as an alternative to “Grand Evolution,” though it is unclear whether he genuinely disagrees with the Phyrexian language.

Concerning New Phyrexia

When Phyrexia conquered Mirrodin, Urabrask enabled the Mirran survivors to take refuge in the furnace layer of the plane, which he controlled. This was owing to his alignment with the color of emotion and freedom, which provided him with enough empathy to prevent him from (actively) destroying the Mirrans. This, along with a disdain for the other Phyrexian groups, prompted him to isolate the Furnace Layer of the plane from the others. With the exception of the blue-aligned Progress Engine, who was anxious about it, they didn’t appear to care either.

Elesh Norn inevitably razed his domain, despite the Mirran Resistance’s retreat to mountain hideouts, far from Elesh Norn’s reach.

New Capenna’s streets

Tezzeret acquired an unusual friend in Urabrask, whom he brought to New Capenna in order to double-cross Norn. The Planar Bridge ravaged the praetor’s body, separating his inorganic components from his flesh and leaving him gravely damaged. He’s been in the city for a few weeks, recuperating sufficiently to make the trip back. The praetor met with Vivien Reid and ordered her to bring him Halo and the planeswalker Elspeth Tirel, stating that her presence would turn the war on New Phyrexia in the Mirrans’ favor.

New Phyrexia is about to undergo a transformation. The fire that ignites a revolution will be freedom tempered in a crimson furnace. At least, that is Urabrask’s secret wish. Prophetic dreams — visions in fire and oil — led him to meet Elspeth in this colossal city. He believes she is essential and needs information about the future.

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Planes flew over

Urabrask can travel to other planes via an enhanced version of the Planar Bridge as a powerful Phyrexian, but this trip leaves him injured for weeks.

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