Tokyo Revengers 2024: Top 10 Tokyo Manji Gang Members

Tokyo Revengers: Here are the finest Manji Gang members. In World of Tokyo Revengers, the Tokyo Manji Gang, or Toman, is a Shibuya-based motorcycle gang. It was formed by Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, Baji, Kazutora, and Hayashida.
The gang is in its second generation when Sano Manjiro, known as Mikey, dissolved it and Hanagaki Takemichi reformed it to continue its heritage and achieve his aims. The Tokyo Manji Gang include some of the show’s most memorable characters.

Tokyo Revengers

10. Hakkai

Tokyo Revengers: Shiba Hakkai is both the older and modern generation’s Second Division Vice Captain. His captain and buddy Takashi Mitsuya is his boss.

Hakkai is the younger brother of Taiju and Yuzuha and is featured in the Black Dragon arc. In the present, he’s a model due of his height.

9. Kazutora

Tokyo Revengers: Hanemiya Kazutora was the First Division Vice Captain under Keisuke Baji. He’s the primary adversary of Bloody Halloween. He was Valhalla’s No. 3 and hated Mikey, whom he wanted dead.

After this arc, he’s sentenced to 10 years in a rehabilitation institution. He helps Takemichi now, regretting his previous acts.

8. Seishu

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers: Inupi is the previous Squad Captain of Shiba Taiju’s 10th generation Black Dragon. Later, he becomes First Division Captain of the second-generation Tokyo Manji Gang. During his tenure with the Black Dragon, he had a close friendship with Kokonoi Hajime.
The two had been close since childhood. Hajime liked Inui’s elder sister Akane. In a fire, Hajime rescues Seishu instead of her.

7. Mitsuya

Tokyo Revengers: Takashi Mitsuya is one of the Tokyo Manji Gang’s five founding members and Second Division Captain. He’s one of the Twin Dragons and plays a crucial part in the Black Dragons narrative because of Shiba Hakkai.

He’s a kind brother of Luna and Mana. In the generally pleasant future, he becomes a fashion designer.

6. Senju

Tokyo Revengers: Kawaragi Senju is the former commander of Braham and Fifth Division Captain under Hanagaki Takemichi. She’s the sole female member of the Tokyo Manji Gang and rivals Mikey, the previous captain.

She befriended Hanagaki while commanding Braham and chose to join him when Braham lost the Battle of the Three Deities and disbanded.

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5. Chifuyu

Tokyo Revengers: Matsuno Chifuyu was a Tokyo Manji Gang Vice Captain. He served as Vice Captain of the gang’s second generation under Keisuke Baji and Hanagaki Takemichi.

He had a close friendship with Baji and was grieved by his death during the Valhalla storyline. Now, he’s Takemichi’s major counsel and supporter since they trust each other.

4. Baji

Tokyo Revengers: Keisuke Baji is a founder member and former First Division boss of the Tokyo Manji Gang. All events happened before his suicide during the Valhalla arc after being mortally wounded by Kazutora. He was one of the Gang’s strongest fighters and was close with Matsuno Chifuyu.
During the Valhalla storyline, he beat up Chifuyu to show his allegiance, however this was to stop Kazutora. To stop Mikey from killing Kazutora, he commits himself.

3. Takemichi

Tokyo Revengers: Hanagaki Takemichi is the main character of the Tokyo Revengers series and the original Tokyo Manji Gang’s First Division Captain. After rebuilding the gang with veteran members and recruiting new ones, he becomes its leader.

Takemichi’s initial purpose is to rescue Tachibana Hinata, but it changes to saving the Tokyo Manji Gang, especially Mikey. He’s prepared to sacrifice a flawless future to rescue Mikey, leading to more deaths and suffering.

2. Mikey

Tokyo Revengers: Mikey (Sano Manjiro) dissolved the Tokyo Manji Gang before Hanagaki Takemichi reformed them. His “evil inclinations” regularly overpower him.

After accidentally killing his sibling, Kazutora sparked these desires years ago. As he loses more individuals, his craziness worsens. Takemichi aims to rescue Mikey.

1. Draken

Tokyo Revengers: Draken (Ryuguji Ken) was First Generation Tokyo Manji Gang Vice Captain. Mikey’s closeness to Draken is clear throughout the series.

He was the second-strongest member of the original Toman and the voice of reason. Draken is Mikey’s heart, too. He’s not in the Second Generation.

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