Codes (May 2024): Unlocking the Gems & Coins

2023 Codes: This entertaining online multiplayer game challenges players to fight for survival as long as possible and obtain weapons, skins and other items to give an edge while playing. One way of unlocking and using these codes is with this guide that will demonstrate their use and how you can use and redeem them.

What Are Codes? codes are special rewards you can enter into the game to unlock. Developers typically release these codes on social media, forums or other online platforms; once entered into the game they’ll provide an incentive that may aid with progression through it or make playing even more enjoyable! codes Codes (Active)

SpringArbor100 Gems and 20 EnergyNew
DADA5000DC100 Gems, 10 Energy, and 200 Energy EssenceNew
survivor11100 Gems and 30 Energy
20challenge23200 Gems and 20 Energy
LOVE2023300 Gems and 20 Energy
SURVIVOR2301200 gems and 20 Energy
LNY2023200 gems, 10 Energy, and 1 Revival Coin
LUCKY2023200 gems and 10 Energy


dinter001100 Gems, 5 Energy, 1 Army Key, 5000 Coins
akaoni1207100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins
et1231777100 Gems, 5 Energy, 1 Army Key, 5000 Coins
survivorio811100 Gems, 5000 Coins
survivoriotop1300 Gems, 10000 Coins, 3 Random Design Pack
oni666100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins
11survivorio08100 Gems, 5000 Coins, 1 Army Key
crazyface777100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins
811survivorio100 Gems, 5000 Coins
yesranger666100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins
dinter777100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins
40shuteye100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins
stanley888100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins

How to Redeem Codes?

Utilizing codes is a breeze here is our step by step guide on how to do so:

  • To claim your rewards from, go to the Gift Code Page and enter your Game ID into the Enter Your Game ID text box.
  • Copy and paste the code into the Enter Rewards Codes text box.
  • Verify the numbers on right hand side of Verification Code text box before clicking Redeem to redeem them.

Note that codes must be entered exactly as they appear – be sure to double-check!

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What Rewards Can You Unlock with Codes?

Exclusive Weapon Skins: Certain code s allow you to unlock exclusive skin s for your weapons giving them an upscale and powerful appearance.

Bonus Coins: Coins are used as currency within the game and can be spent to purchase various items and upgrade within it.

Unlock New Weapons: Certain codes give access to weapons you can use during games.

XP boosts: These points will enable you to level up faster and unlock items more rapidly.

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Where Can You Find Codes?

Game developers typically release codes on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram you may also stumble across them in gaming forums Reddit or other online communities.

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Tips for Maximizing Codes

Here are some helpful hints to maximize the efficiency of using codes:

  • Check for New Codes Regularly: codes are frequently released, so it’s essential to stay tuned in for new ones.
  • Follow the Game Developers on Social Media: Staying connected to the developers can help keep you informed of any latest codes or game updates.
  • Utilize Codes Strategically: Don’t just use them once you receive them. Instead, consider how they can aid in your progression through the game and utilize them wisely.
  • Share Codes With Others Players: Exchanging codes with other gamers is an excellent way to foster community support and help each other out.

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Conclusion codes offer players exclusive rewards and an edge over other players, and by following the tips outlined in this article you can maximize your use of these codes to become a master survivor in no time!

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