Starfield Unique Melee Weapons Tier List May 2024

Starfield Unique Melee Weapons Tier List: Starfield offers many ways to feel the crunch of a powerful melee strike, but when choosing from among its unique melee weapons – with only a handful spread throughout space – picking one may make or break your close quarters combat experience. Don’t fret spacefaring brawlers: this list will guide your fist through space from must-have weapon to one you should leave on an abandoned station!

Starfield Unique Melee Weapons Tier List

Starfield Unique Melee Weapons Tier List

Tier List of Starfield Unique Melee Weapons provided here below:

S-Tier: The Last Priest (Bowie Knife) [Starfield Unique Melee Weapons Tier List]

This seemingly innocent blade, easily overlooked in side quests, packs an unassuming and powerful punch. Uncharged attacks deal excellent damage while charged ones unleash an explosive surge that stuns and cripples even tough foes. Thanks to its versatility and raw power, The Last Priest stands as undisputed master of melee weapons – living up to the old saying that quiet knives often cut deepest.

A-Tier: Syndicate Enforcer (Stun Baton)

This electrified baton isn’t limited to crowd control – its fast swings deliver decent damage while its charged attack disrupts enemies, opening them up for follow-up strikes or critical strikes. Additionally, its effective use against shielded foes makes the Syndicate Enforcer an invaluable asset in any brawler’s arsenal.

B-Tier: Fortune’s Glory (Plasma Sword)

This flashy blade may look at home in neon-soaked nightclubs, but don’t underestimate its bite. The plasma edge deals decent energy damage while charging unleashes a short-range blast that can wipe out weaker enemies in one shot. Unfortunately, its slow swing speed and limited range limit its utility and make it only suitable for specific encounters.

Honorable Mention: The Unkind (Pickaxe)

This modest mining implement may not possess the allure of more sophisticated weaponry, yet its substantial weight and potent overhead strike have the capability to propel even the most robust space pirates into the air. Although its leisurely swings and absence of distinctive effects restrict its general efficacy, The Unkind can serve as an entertaining option for players who favor a more forceful strategy in combat.

The Rest (C-Tier and Below)

Unfortunately, most unique melee weapons fall short in terms of excitement. From their unimpressive damage to niche utility like Voltaic Maul’s unique use, these unique melee weapons offer minimal advantage over generic counterparts; although they might add some flair to your playthrough they won’t significantly boost combat prowess.

Remember: This tier list should serve as a starting point, not as a strict doctrine. Playstyle, build and personal preference all play an integral part in deciding the ideal weapon for each of us experiment, customize, and have fun exploring the vast expanses of Starfield!

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