How to Play with Friends in Lethal Company?

How to Play with Friends in Lethal Company? Lethal Company, the thrilling arms dealing simulator, can be an exhilarating experience – but playing alongside friends brings it to a whole new level! Imagine orchestrating your next black market coup and navigating treacherous deals while eliminating rivals – all while having your friends by your side! But before diving in headfirst into cooperative chaos, let’s discuss some options for playing Lethal Company together with others.

How to Play with Friends in Lethal Company?

Method 1: The Simple Invite

This method is the easiest, ideal for quick game sessions. Simply:

  • Launch the game. Initiate its main menu (Esc on keyboard).
  • Click “Invite Friends.”
  • Select your friends from the list or search for their usernames to make your invite.
  • Click “Invite” and get ready for an epic battle!

This method enables you to participate in public matches or create your own private lobby where you have full control of the map, game mode and starting funds.

How to Play with Friends in Lethal Company?

Method 2: Modded Mayhem (For More Than Four Players)

Lethal Company’s default limit of four players can be expanded with mods. Here’s how:

  • Install the “Bigger Lobby” mod. (Check online for reliable sources.)
  • Be sure to follow the installation instructions, which typically involves placing files in specific game directories.
  • Launch the modded version of Lethal Company.
  • Invite all your friends over. Now, up to eight players can make havoc of the arms market!

Pro Tip: Ensure all your friends have the same mod installed to avoid compatibility issues.

Method 3: Community Servers (For Dedicated Players)

Lethal Company features an active online community with dedicated servers hosting custom maps, game modes, and roleplay scenarios – providing unique challenges as well as providing opportunities to interact with fellow players. If you would like to join: To do so: To join: To access Lethal Company servers click HERE

  • Search server listings either within the game itself or on community forums.
  • Select a server of interest to you and click “Join.”
  • Organise with your friends to join a server.
  • Unleash your inner arms dealer to take down competition!

Notice: Community servers typically have specific rules and expectations. Do your part by being considerate and adhering to them.

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