Starfield Research Lab Location and How to use a Research Lab

Starfield Research Lab Location and How to use a Research Lab: Research labs in Starfield are one of the key facilities, allowing players to conduct extensive research into new technologies, weapons, armor and other items for development. There are numerous research labs located throughout the Settled Systems; in addition, players can build their own on their outposts.

Where to find Research Labs in Starfield

Research Labs are crucial components of Starfield, as they allow players to discover new technologies and upgrades for their ship, weapons and armor as well as craft new items and mods.

Starfield Research Lab Location and How to use a Research Lab

Research labs can be found throughout Starfield in various places, such as:

  • Your ship: Your ship will have its own Research Lab which you can access from the crew cabin.
  • The Lodge: The Lodge is Constellation’s home base and it also has a Research Lab.
  • Major settlements: Most major settlements in Starfield will have a Research Lab.
  • Abandoned facilities: You can also find Research Labs in abandoned facilities, such as factories and research stations.

How to use a Research Lab

To use a Research Lab, approach and interact with it. From there you will be able to view available research projects; to begin any, however, you will require the appropriate materials.

Time taken to complete a research project will depend on its complexity. When completed, however, you’ll unlock new technologies, upgrades or crafting recipes.

Tips for finding Research Labs

Having difficulty in finding a Research Laboratory? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Check Your Map: Your map will give an indication of all nearby research labs.
  • Engage NPCs: Sometimes talking to NPCs can provide insight into the location of Research Labs.
  • Discover abandoned facilities: Abandoned facilities are great places to find research labs.


Starfield Research Labs are essential locations, allowing your character and ship to advance over time. There are multiple locations where Research Labs are found, so they should never be far away.

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