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SD Gundam Battle Alliance Tier List (June 2023)


SD Gundam Battle Alliance Tier List: Bandai Namco’s 2005 PlayStation 2 game “SD Gundam Battle Alliance” is based on the popular Gundam series. This 3D fighting game includes Gundam anime characters and mecha designs for high-energy battles.

Players can choose from many characters and mobile suits, each with unique powers and weapons, to fight other players or computer-controlled opponents. The game also lets players customise their suits with weapons and tools.

“SD Gundam Battle Alliance” is famous among Gundam and fighting game fans.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance Tier List

SD Gundam Battle Alliance Tier List

Tier list are subjective and subject to change based on updates, player skill level and personal opinion. Furthermore it is essential that players do not solely judge a game by its ranking on a tier list each has unique preference and play style.

S – Tier
Gundam Barbatos
A – Tier
DOM Trooper
Unicorn Gundam
Gundam Exia
GM Sniper II
Nu Gundam
B – Tier
Pale Rider
Gundam RX-78-2
Zaku II (Ranged)
Zaku II (Melee)
C – Tier
Marasai (UC)
D – Tier
Turn A Gundam


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