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Rabbi David Kaye: Bio, Sting and Trivia


Rabbi David Kaye: Rabbi David Kaye The Washington Post features the capture of accused predator Rabbi David Arnold Kaye. Among the show’s most high-profile cases, hers was notable since it was the first time a religious leader had ever been brought there.

Rabbi David Kaye: Biography

On October 25th, 1950, David Arnold Kaye entered this world. He led the Jewish community at Congregation Har Shalom in Potomac, Maryland, from 1985 to 2001. For a short time, Rabbi Kaye was a rabbi at the Agudas Achim Congregation in San Antonio, Texas, before he joined Panim: The Institute for Jewish Leadership and Values in Rockville, Maryland. He became a bit of a celebrity in his hometown after he spent years giving political and religious advice to hundreds of Jewish high school students.

Rabbi David Kaye

Under the alias “REDBD,” 54-year-old Kaye contacted someone he thought was a 13-year-old boy named “Conrad” on August 7, 2005. His online alias was inspired by the childhood moniker “Red Beard,” which referred to his distinctive red hair. Kaye mistook the dummy for a young child whose mother had recently died and was now living alone. Kaye swiftly took advantage of the situation, claiming that he was “prowling for young males.” He probed the youngster’s sex life by asking whether or not he had ever engaged in masturbation. To top it all off, he sent the young man explicit images of himself engaging in oral sex with other guys while naked, instructed him in the art of wiping, and invited him to come to the door in his undies. On the 17th of August, he set off from his house in Rockville, Maryland, and drove across the Potomac to Herndon, Virginia.


Kaye enters the sting house cheerfully. Del Harvey addresses Kaye as the boy from another room. Harvey asks whether he plans to return later tonight after seeing his girlfriend. “We’ll see,” he laughs. Chris Hansen’s entrance changed Kaye’s mood. Kayes thinks incessantly for some seconds. Chris suggests Kaye sit. David said, “[I wasn’t here for anything] nice” when Chris asked about his plans. Kaye immediately requests identification from Chris. Kaye tells Chris he’s a rabbi.

He seeks identification again and says he didn’t want to anger Chris since he sounded irritated. “You and I know I’m in trouble,” he says. It was his first internet meeting. Chris said most predators use the same excuse. Chris claims he was reporting on cyber predators for Dateline NBC when Kaye requests his ID. Kaye rose up and ran to Chris for his chatlogs once the cameras started rolling. “Stop this,” Kaye tells Chris. Ron Knight tells Kaye to sit. Chris tells Kaye he can go anytime. Kaye flees the sting house, holding the conversation log carelessly.



Kaye went home, deleted his AOL account, and tried to wipe his computer’s hard drive that night. Kaye repeatedly called NBC and threatened to sue Chris. Chris agreed to another Kaye interview in a neighbouring hotel. Kaye stopped in the lobby with a briefcase and that they not reveal his name, work, appearance, or anything else. Kaye left after Chris denied these wishes. After Kaye’s October 31, 2005 resignation, the programme aired on November 4. Kaye divorced his thirty-year-old wife in December 2005.

Perverted Justice gave Fairfax County, Virginia police Kaye’s chat logs and information about the sting’s predators.

Fairfax later denied charging Kaye. Perverted Justice’s Don Pedro contacted Kaye’s local government. No police arrived. The F.B.I. reached Don Pedro months later. Kaye’s local jurisdiction received his information. The U.S. Attorney planned to prosecute Kaye purely on Perverted Justice’s information.


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  • Kaye was in a picture with two other rabbis who had also been found guilty of abusing children.
  • RKaye is the first predator to try to hide his identity by touching a member of the camera crew. Davut Ozkan would do this for the second time. DarkHero73 was the first predator to attack Chris in a small way.
  • Chris would say after the interview that he didn’t think Kaye was a serious threat, but he would also say, “If Ron Knight hadn’t been there to protect me, I probably would have gotten my butt kicked.”
  • Kaye’s name is on the Wall of Shame of the Jewish Community Watch.


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