Dave Minion Personality: Character and Trivia

Dave Minion Personality: In the mobile game Despicable Me: Minion Rush, Dave is the main character and the character you start out as. Like in Despicable Me, he’s too rowdy, but unlike the other minions, he came in later in the intro video and didn’t start getting excited until Gru told Dave to calm down over the loudspeaker. Jerry, a nearby minion, then hits him.

Dave minion Personality

Dave Minion Personality

Dave is a minion who is smart, kind, and funny, but he sometimes makes mistakes. He is good at video games, just like his friend Stuart, which can be seen when the two of them play on a gaming console. As shown by the fact that when Gru calls him and Stuart while they are having an ice cream party, Dave is still eating ice cream before he goes to Gru. As seen when he fired his Rocket Launcher, which is his signature weapon, he is always very excited. He is also good with weapons and can make, among other things, cupcakes. He can also fight well, as seen when he swung around the pole and kicked a bad guy, making it fall to the ground with the others.

What Are Minions?

The Minions need no introduction at this point. Their incredible sweetness ensures that they will be an everlasting creation in our hearts.

Despicable Me and its sequel include a cast of yellow, minion-like characters called “Minions” (they are definitely the most memorable characters in both films). They have a tablet-like structure and one or two eyes, depending on their species.

They lack the ability to regulate their impulses and are hence naive and impulsive. Their childlike wonder and naivety, however, have won over audiences everywhere. Everyone may identify with them in some manner, and their antics are guaranteed to elicit a chuckle or two. They can be a nuisance at times, but they always provide some good laughs.

However, unlike most villains, Gru actually enjoys spending time with the minions. His heartfelt thanks for their efforts further endear him to us.


  • Dave is one of the few minions who didn’t get taken away and turned bad in Despicable Me.
  • Stuart is the other one.
  • Gru’s home phone seems to always be set to call Dave quickly.
  • Gru kissed Dave first when he was in Despicable Me.
  • He looks a lot like Mike. They both have the same hair, eyes, and general look.
  • Chris Renaud gave him a voice in Despicable Me.
  • In the movie Minions, his hair is short and spikey, but when he and his tribe leave their home, it grows longer and is combed.
  • Dave is one of only two minions, along with Stuart, who have been in every Despicable Me movie so far (Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2, Minions, Despicable Me 3, and Minions: The Rise of Gru).
  • Dave is one of only a few minions who have never been to State Prison (the other being Jerry).

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