Frost queen Cookie Run Kingdom April 2024

What could be better than the toppings we’ve assembled for a Frost queen Cookie Run? For Icing Ideas, Construct a Frost Queen Cookie!

  • Top with Chocolate in X5 Seconds (Recommended)
  • Five Flaming Toppings for Raspberries (Optional)

As is well known in Cookie Run Kingdom, X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings make for the best Frost Queen Cookie Toppings in combat. This build maximizes their freeze effect when fighting and the legendary Frost Queen Cookie has the ability to temporarily freeze her foes as well as do damage and interrupt CDs – giving a formidable arsenal for combat.

Eating five chocolate-coated marshmallows quickly may reduce the skill’s cooldown timer and enable faster usage in combat.

Frost queen Cookie Run Kingdom 2024

People curious to gain more information on Frost Queen Cookie’s reign within the Kingdom of Cookies should know that its publication date has been set as May 18th 2021. The update scheduled to release that same day will include two brand-new cookies including Frost Queen Cookie herself!

Making Frosted Cookies Like the Queen

  • Class; magic
  • Position; middle
  • Frost queen Cookie is a magic cookie whose skill is called Freezing Squall

Freezing Squall is the name of Frost Queen Biscuit’s special ability as an extraordinary cookie.
Frost Queen Cookie has long been known for unleashing a torrential downpour of freezing energy that damages and freezes enemies in their tracks, stopping their cooldowns while doing additional damage upon defrosting; additional hits may even come upon targets which had their cooldowns stopped while frozen; this additional hit won’t occur anymore once their freeze debuff is lifted or removed from them.

Cookie, the Frost Queen, can’t be frozen. However, not all bosses and elites are vulnerable to the freeze debuff. In addition, those immune to skill interruptions may be immune to the debuff’s effects.

Frost Queen Cookie, ruler of winter, reigns from her palace all throughout the year in its frozen halls with splendour like that found only in storybook kingdoms; yet her frosty gaze leaves your spirit feeling downcast and cold – like tundra after months of freezing weather.

Her cookie heart and earthly desires have long since been frozen over, which was essential for the Survival of Humanity Mission. Years may pass but Frost Queen Cookie still reigns supreme with her vast army of snowflakes who give life and her fortress made from ice; both will stand the test of time.

Frost Queen Cookie and its soulstones are available from the gacha banner in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

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