Frost queen Cookie Run Kingdom March 2023


What could be better than the toppings we’ve assembled for a Frost Queen Cookie? For Icing Ideas, Construct a Frost Queen Cookie!

  • Top with Chocolate in X5 Seconds (Recommended)
  • Five Flaming Toppings for Raspberries (Optional)

It’s well knowledge that X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings make the greatest Frost Queen Cookie Toppings in the Cookie Run Kingdom. This build maximises her potential freeze effect when fighting. The legendary Frost Queen Cookie has the power to temporarily freeze foes. She also has the ability to do damage to foes and interrupt CDs. A fantastic arsenal of abilities for stifling the offensive potential of your foes in combat.


By eating five chocolate-covered marshmallows rapidly, you may reduce the skill’s cooldown and use it more quickly in combat.

Frost queen Cookie Run Kingdom October 2022

Those interested in learning more about the reign of Frost Queen Cookie in the Kingdom of Cookies should know that it is scheduled for publication on March 18th, 2021. The update, scheduled for release on March 18th, 2021, will include two new cookies, one of which is the Frost Queen Cookie.

Detailed Instructions for Making Frosted Cookies Like the Queen

  • Class; magic
  • Position; middle
  • Frost queen Cookie is a magic cookie whose skill is called Freezing Squall

Freezing Squall is the name of the special ability of the Frost Queen Biscuit, a magical cookie.
Skil It is said that Frost Queen Cookie unleashes a blizzard of freezing energy, which does damage and freezes all foes in their tracks. In addition to having their cooldowns halted while frozen, targets will take extra damage when thawed. The extra damage will not be dealt to targets if the freeze debuff is removed.


Cookie, the Frost Queen, can’t be frozen. However, not all bosses and elites are vulnerable to the freeze debuff. In addition, those immune to skill interruptions may be immune to the debuff’s effects.

The Legend of the Frost Queen’s Cookie Toppings

The lone ice palace may be seen in this vast white landscape. Frost Queen Cookie, the ruler of winter, resides in its icy halls at all times of the year. She sparkles with royal splendour, like a storybook queen, yet her chilly glance leaves your spirit bleak and gloomy, like the tundra after a persistent winter.

Her cookie heart, along with all her earthly dreams and desires, has been frozen for a very long time. An Absolute Must for the Survival of Humanity Mission. The ages may pass, but Frost Queen Cookie, who guides countless snowflakes imbued with life, and her icy fortress will endure.


Where Can I Find the Frost Queen Cookie in the Kingdom of Cookies?

Frost Queen Cookie and its soulstones are available from the gacha banner in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

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