Pyromancer Build Dark Souls 3

Pyromancer Build Dark souls 3: Dark Souls 3 is one of the most popular role-playing games, and it has a lot of different classes to choose from. Even though the game keeps changing, the Pyromancer stays where he is. It is basically a starting class that is known for its firepower and resistance to damage.

Getting a good build for a Pyromancer is easier said than done. To get the best build, you need to know a lot about the game, including how it works and what items you can use. So the question stands: what is the best Pyromancer build for DS3? Keep hold of your magic swords, because we’re about to cut your curiosity in half.

Pyromancer Build Dark Souls 3

Best Pyromancer Build Dark souls 3

Light Melee Build

The spells that Pyromancy casts make him very attractive to opt. Because of this, most players would rather make a build that rewards both casting and melee. This not only makes for a crazy build, but it also makes things a little less predictable.

Spells like Warmth, Carthus Flame Arc, and Chaos Bed Vestiges work well for this build.

Since you will also be focusing on close-range attacks, you need a strong weapon to go with you. You should choose Claymore, Broadsword, or Falchion.

To make the light melee build, you should have faith and intelligence at Level 30. Also, Dexterity and Strength should be around level 20 for the weapons to do a lot of damage.

Long Range Build

One of the strongest builds is the pure Pyromancer. It uses fire spells more than close-quarters fighting. This means that you won’t use your weapon as often.

Great Swamp, which increases spell damage by 12%, is a good way to boost damage stats. But if you want to go one step further, choose Witch’s Rings, which will make spells 20% more powerful.

When it comes to spells, Great Chaos Fire Orb or Black Fire Orb would be the best choice. The fact that the Great Chaos Fire Orb can deal AOE damage to enemies close by makes it a very useful item. In the same way, the Black Fire Orb can be very strong when fighting weaker foes.

Since this build is focused on long-range attacks, armor isn’t the most important thing, so you can use anything. But it’s best to have around level 40 of Faith and level 38 of Intelligence.

Heavy Melee Build

Even though the spells of Pyromancy can be very powerful, some people prefer to use melee weapons instead. A melee build encourages both high damage and high defense. If you like to fight with swords, this build is just what you need.

First, let’s talk about spells, which will add to the total amount of damage done. In this case, there are a lot of choices, like Iron Fresh, Warmth, and Power Within. If you don’t want to focus on armor, you can use Warmth. Power Within, on the other hand, will help you increase your damage stats.

In the same way, Iron Fresh is best for players who want to make a tank. The downside is that it makes you less mobile.

We recommend the Greatsword because it does a lot of damage and is heavy, which will make your build stronger in the long run.


After reading all of the information about “Pyromancer Build Dark souls 3” above, you should now have a better idea of what it’s all about and why it’s important to you. You can leave a comment in the section below if you have any questions or concerns about the information here.

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