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Encounter shiny Virizion in Pokemon GO in November 2023

Pokemon GO Virizion shiny version: Pokemon GO has included Virizion, one of Unova’s Swords of Justice, with Terrakion and Cobalion for some time now. The Pokemon may debut as a 5-star raid boss at the beginning of May’s cycle.

If they’re lucky, trainers can catch a Virizion in its shiny form. Now that Virizion is a raid boss, there are primarily two ways to do so.

Both approaches have their challenges, with one requiring a disproportionately large investment of time and energy by trainers, but that has never stopped them from being used.

Pokemon GO Virizion shiny version

Encounter shiny Virizion in Pokemon GO in November 2023

There are now two methods for Pokemon GO trainers to obtain a shiny Virizion. Defeating Virizion is a 5-star raid achievement or a PvP reward for players level 20 and up.

Both approaches contribute to Virizion being a level 55 raid boss at the moment. Once it is replaced as a raid boss, the PvP incentive will switch to the new Pokemon in that role.

There are benefits and drawbacks to both approaches, so it’s ultimately up to the individual Pokemon GO trainer to pick which one is best for them.

It can take numerous raids for shiny Virizion to materialize, and raid passes aren’t simple to stockpile without paying loads of Pokecoins and (possibly) real-world dollars. The ability to properly oppose Virizion with each iteration makes this strategy more consistent and less unpredictable.

Pokemon GO trainers who would rather not engage in PvE can instead try their luck in the 13th season of GO Battle League.

Achieving rank 20 in the upcoming season shouldn’t be too difficult if players have a well-established meta team with which they can perform win streaks. The downside is that GO Battle League is highly unpredictable, and losing streaks can occur on occasion if a trainer is pitted against particularly strong opponents.

There is a good chance that players won’t have much downtime due to how rapidly the raid rotations in this game reset. It’s possible that Virizion won’t be replaced for a long time if at all after it’s removed from play.

Trainers should not delay in using their raid passes or putting together PvP teams for the long term. If you’re having trouble finding success in PvP with the standard meta, you might find the Great League Remix a more agreeable alternative, as it restricts the use of the top 20 most-used Pokemon (all of which are Ace or higher) in the game.

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