Encounter shiny Virizion in Pokemon GO in April 2024

Pokemon GO Virizion shiny version: Pokemon GO has included Virizion, one of Unova’s Swords of Justice, with Terrakion and Cobalion for some time now. The Pokemon may debut as a 5-star raid boss at the beginning of May’s cycle.

If they’re lucky, trainers can catch a Virizion in its shiny form. Now that Virizion is a raid boss, there are primarily two ways to do so.

Both approaches have their challenges, with one requiring a disproportionately large investment of time and energy by trainers, but that has never stopped them from being used.

Pokemon GO Virizion shiny version

Encounter shiny Virizion in Pokemon GO in April 2024

Pokemon GO trainers now have two ways of getting hold of shiny Virizion: defeating it through 5-star raid achievements or PvP rewards at level 20 or above and defeating him directly via PvP rewards for players over level 19.

Both approaches contribute to Virizion being the level 55 raid boss at present; once replaced as such by another Pokemon, PvP incentives will shift away from him/her and towards that new character in that role.

Both approaches come with advantages and drawbacks; ultimately it is up to each Pokemon GO Trainer to choose what strategy best fits them.

Shiny Virizion can appear through many raids, and raid passes may require paying thousands in Pokecoins (and sometimes actual currency as well) in exchange for them. Being able to effectively oppose this legendary Pokemon with every iteration makes this strategy less unpredictable and consistent with success.

Shiny virizion returns in raids pokemon go.

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Trainers looking for something other than PvE in Pokemon GO may wish to participate in the 13th season of GO Battle League.

Reaching rank 20 should not prove too challenging in the coming season if players possessing an established meta team with which they can consistently create win streaks. Unfortunately, however, GO Battle League can often prove unpredictable; losing streaks may occur from time-to-time should their trainer face particularly formidable adversaries.

Due to how rapidly raid rotations reset in this game, players shouldn’t experience much downtime after taking out Virizion from play; its replacement could come later or never at all.

Trainers must act swiftly when it comes to using raid passes and creating PvP teams in preparation for long-term battles. If the traditional meta is becoming difficult for you to navigate successfully, Great League Remix might provide a more agreeable alternative, since this mode limits only to using 20 most-utilized Pokemon that have all been given Ace ratings or higher in game play.

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