Pokemon Go tier list April 2024 Latest update

Pokemon Go tier list offers an abundance of creatures to catch, train & trade. however it can be overwhelming to select the best Pokemon for each task. As experienced players you’ll know how to differentiate between what’s valuable & just wasting time/candy along the way – but if not then expert guidance may be necessary.

Investing in Pokemon that won’t provide anything worthwhile is a waste of both time & money. For simple reference, we’ve provided a standard tier list at the top.

Pokemon Go tier list

Additionally, open some extra tabs for reading outside class. Doing so could help you better comprehend what is being written if you are familiar with Team GO Rocket leaders such as Arlo, Cliff or Sierra. These competitions require hard work. without the right Pokemon your chances of success are greatly diminished.

A list of the game most Pokemon Go tier list

The aforementioned tier list may be used to get a general idea of which Pokémon in Pokemon Go tier list are the most sought-after. These are the most well-known & often utilised Pokémon, despite the fact that there are thousands of other creatures in the game.

Pokemon Go tier list 2024 Latest update

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to run several teams for soloing certain legendary Pokémon or a fresh player just getting started, working your way through the tier list will offer your Pokémon GO trip some structure.

The ideal Pokémon in Pokemon Go tier list for newcomers


Since Mewtwo was included in the initial Pokemon Go tier list raid update, almost all teams possess it. Even those whom Mewtwo cannot directly damage will find that its immense power makes it an attractive option.

Due to Mewtwo’s unpredictable availability & growing meta popularity, you should be able to find individuals willing to trade one or two for anything special in your collection when it isn’t accessible during raids.


Pokemon Go tier list players who wish to participate in raids must first assemble a team that can solo Machamp’s three-star encounter. Machamp’s lightning-quick Counter/Dynamic Punch moveset remains one of the best Pokemon counters ever created in video game history to this day.

Pokemon Go tier list

Machamp is an ideal choice in most battles, with the exception of those against Psychic or Flying-type Pokemon due to its high damage potential & quick availability. If you spot Machamp on top of a three-star raid, take it out if possible. use it as motivation to move onto the most crucial stage if you cannot solo it yourself.


Though ineffective, this glass cannon still has a powerful psychological effect. With the right moveset you can still deal significant damage to raid bosses even if you miss an Alakazam charged strike. Similar to Machamp, it often appears in three-star raids as action picks up. While much easier to obtain than Machamp, having this weapon on hand will serve as one of your top defenses against Alakazam.

Pokemon Go tier list 1


One easy-to-get glass cannon is the gengar. While this one may be easier if you time your charged attack dodges correctly, Ghastly & Gengar should both be anticipated in raids. Gengar attacks quickly & fiercely, taking down easier prey like Machamp or Alakazam in the process.

When facing Mewtwo or Giratina, two of the top Psychic-type Pokemon, it’s wise to have several members of your raid party. With powerful Shadow Balls launched at the desired target while they take a lot of damage & deal chip damage, you can effectively overwhelm them.


Since Moltres is a Fire-type Pokémon, it often appears in battles that are required. In recent times, Moltres has been used in lieu of Entei to combat giants like Dialga, Zamazenta, & most famously Genesect when Flying-type attacks are not necessary.

Previously, only those who were willing to take on Giovanni had access to Moltres (& the other two birds in its arrangement). They had previously been made available via raids & scientific breakthroughs. The former was the best source due to Shadow Moltres’ increased strength, but this fiery bird will prove valuable no matter how you get it.

Pokemon Go tier list 2


Tyranitar may not be as common a Pokemon as it once was during four-star raids, but it remains an incredibly powerful one that should still be sought out whenever possible. Even without Machamp & Lucario’s strength combined, along with other formidable Fighting type heavyweights like Raikou & Groudons, Tyranitar still possesses enough bulk & power to outmatch everyone except Mewtwo.

Pupitar may not yet be part of the raid roster, but as a reward during Season of Heritage it makes it worthwhile to level it up.


Mamoswine has been devastating the Pokemon Unite with incredible fury for years. When Rayquaza first appeared, people flocked to this massive Ice/Ground Pokemon. Swinub, its basic form, appeared almost everywhere to give players enough options for defeating this formidable dragon.

Following Zekrom, Reshiram, & Kyurem’s raid spotlight, incense received a boost. Trainers now have multiple chances to add an effective counter against Powder Snow or Avalance. however, Ground-type attackers may now have the capacity to compete against Team GO Rocket’s top players.

Pokemon Go


Rampados will become more accessible over the course of the coming months due to his incredible power. This dinosaur can easily defeat Flying-type opponents using similar Rock strategies as Tyranitar, regardless of counter type. So if you ever get the opportunity to acquire one of these, take it.


Since its debut not long ago, Giratina—dubbed “the new Mewtwo” by some—has participated in a number of raids. a result, in part, of the existence of the Original & Altered forms. What you should be searching for is the former. In any case, the majority of its repertory of moves has not altered. Obtain one if at all feasible. If it is Giratina Origin Forme, all the better.

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Metagross used to be a highly rare Pokémon due to its pseudo-legendary spawn rates. However, everything was altered by a timed Community Day. This will not help solo raids that are time-limited, but it will be a great Pokémon counter that is also tough enough to withstand some powerful blows. Keep this monster in your collection since it is a great foil for the Team Pokemon Go tier list Rocket Leader’s fortitude in the Raid.

Pokemon Go


Pokemon GO always provides Eeveelutions as a convenient location. Sylveon & its evolutions can easily manage these uncommon & easy-to-get items. While Glaceon remains essential, Fairy-type Pokemon like Syvleon could potentially help reduce the power of Dark-type Pokemon & the growing Dragon meta.

This list is a beginning point for Pokemon GO strategy, but we’ll add to it soon. Don’t rely solely on random spawning if you want to succeed in playing this game. start battling Raid Pokemon using necessary techniques – they are by far the most common source of highly-tiered creatures found within Pokemon Go’s tier list.

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