Oppo Qualcomm Tool V2.0 New Update EDL Free Tool

Oppo Qualcomm Tool V2.0 FACTORY RESET: It allows users to remove User locks from Qualcomm Devices without AUTH and Offline in EDL mode, factory reset, and remove all user locks from the device. OPPO Qualcomm Utility V2.0 is a free Windows tool for Oppo and Relame devices.

This Tool was Developed by Umi-Team and is Available for Free; no Activation or Credit is Required.

Oppo Qualcomm Tool V2.0 New Update EDL Free Tool

Bug Fixed Latest Version Oppo Qualcomm Tool V2.0

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Oppo CPH FORMAT Supported Model:

  • Oppo A53 [CPH2127]
  • Oppo A53s [CHP2139]
  • Oppo A33 [CPH2137]
  • Oppo A73 [CPH2099]
  • Oppo A74 [CPH2219]
  • OPPO A76 [CPH2375]
  • OPPO A95 [CPH2365]
  • OPPO A96 [CPH2333]
  • Oppo A95 [CPH2365]
  • Oppo F17 [CPH2095]
  • Oppo F19 [CPH2219]
  • A11s (PDVMOO) Update
  • A32 (PDVMOO Update
  • Reno 4 [CPH2113]
  • Reno 5 [CPH2159]
  • Reno 6[CPH2235]
  • Reno 7 [CPH2363]

Realme Qualcomm RMX Supported Model:

  • REALME 7i (RMX2103)
  • REALME c17 (RMX2101)
  • REALME 9 (RMX3521)
  • REALME C15 (RMX2195)
  • REALME 8      (RMX3081)
  • REALME 6 Pro  (RMX2061)
  • REALME 7 Pro  (RMX2170)
  • REALME X2 Pro (RMX1931)
  • REALME X3     (RMX2081)
  • REALME Super Z(RMX2085)

Download Oppo Qualcomm Tool V2.0 New Update EDL Free Tool

Oppo Qualcomm Tool V2.0

Oppo Qualcomm Tool V2.0 CPH + RMX Format Tool:

  • Where Do I Put It?
  • Launch the Qualcomm Tool for OPPO.
  • Start Up and Get Going (Instant)
  • Establish a connection using the EDL mode Simply by pressing the Volume (+ -) buttons
  • There are certain models that immediately boot into EDL, while others need a shorter test point
  • [Supported Oppo Realme Reno].
  • FACTORY RESET Procedure Should Be Performed

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