MI A1 [MDI2] how to unlock FRP lock Android 9.0 Without Pc

MI A1 MDI2 how to unlock FRP lock Android 9.0 Without Pc, Google has added a security feature (Factory Reset Protection) to its Android OS, an important feature designed to avoid the device being misused during thefts. But at the same time, some users got into trouble because of it because after the hard reset they lost their GMAIL or password credentials.

MI A1 MDI2 how to unlock FRP lock Android 9.0 Without Pc

So, in this tutorial, we brought the new method to MI A1 [MDI2]Mi A1 MDI2 FRP bypass, how to unlock FRP bypass Android 9.0 Without Pc FRP bypass delete Google Account Without Pc easily by following some easy steps Bypassing FRP lock on MI A1 [MDI2] how to unlock FRP bypass Android 9.0 Without Pc. How to get Free Trial in Grammarly Premium in 2020?

With every update and every new device, the process of bypassing FRP in the latest versions of Google’s Android is getting challenging.

MI A1 MDI2 how to unlock frp lock Android 9.0 Without Pc

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MI A1 [MDI2] how to unlock frp lock Android 9.0 Without Pc

Apex Launcher
Google account manager
FRP Bypass by officialroms.com

How to Bypass FRP MI A1MDI2 Unlock

This is the updated method, if you don’t get lucky with it, you must first follow this FRP lock removal method.

Make sure you’ve these things before starting this method:

  • Active WiFi link battery with SIM-Card should be more than 60%.
  • Tap Start > link to a WiFi Network tap Next > then tap Agree to adhere to the terms and conditions.
  • When you see the “Google Verify Your Account” page, you need to use some other phone to dial your SIM number and wait until you see this pop-up in the middle picture. Once you see the pop-up, tap SAVE > then tap: three dots from your screen > top right corner and tap Send Message.
  • Type YouTube.com inside the message and tap SEND button > This will make it a hyperlink that will help you open internet browser > tap YouTube.com link now >.
  • Just after tapping the hyperlink from the message sent, YouTube will appear, then tap the Account > icon, then tap Settings >, then select Around >.
  • You need to select Google Privacy Policy > Inside About and that will open the internet browser. Type this link in the URL bar: Visit Here.
  • From here download the Technocare apk.
  • Go to “Settings > Privacy / Protection”
  • Now, under system administration you’ll see the option “Unknown Source.” Switch on.
  • Using the link given in this article to download the latest version of technocare.apk.
  • Use the downloaded.apk file to start the installation process after downloading it.
  • Tap “install,” button
  • Now, the app that you need to do is wait for the installation process to finish.
  • Upon successful installation of the app, press the “open” button to start the app.
  • Go back to ByPass FRP Bypass software & tab Press BROWSER SIGN IN
MI A1 [MDI2] how to unlock frp lock Android 9.0 Without Pc
  • Sign in with your Gmail account and restart your MI A1 [MDI2] Frp Bypass Unlock. Click 3 dots upright and choose browser sign in.

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