Location of Elden Ring Marika’s Soreseal How to Get

Elden Ring Marika’s Soreseal Location: Have You Lost This Amazing Talisman? How Can I Acquire Marika’s Seal at Elden Ring, Additionally to an assortment of powerful weapons and armor, Elden Ring comes complete with various talismans you may use during battle – similar to how rings do in Dark Souls; one such legendary item that may become available late game is called Marika’s Soreseal talisman!

Though Marika’s Soreseal may take additional damage than expected, its presence can prove invaluable when used as part of your mage or magic build. You could see improvements to statistics by taking 15% more damage; in return you might gain 5 bonus points towards mind, intelligence and faith characteristics. But where may one locate such an talisman? Check our Elden Ring location guide for assistance to see where exactly Marika’s Soreseal may be found!

Location of Elden Ring Marika’s Soreseal How to Get

Marika’s Soreseal can be found at an altar in Elphael, Brace of Haligtree. To reach it you must gain entry through Consecrated Snowfield; once inside there’s an altar located in a chamber in southeast corner of basement’s southeast corner that requires access via Stones word Key in order to gain entry.

Location of Elden Ring Marika's Soreseal How to Get

To find Marika’s Soreseal talisman in Elden Ring, please use the directions below.

  • At first, visit the Prayer Room, Grace in Elphael and Brace of Haligtree prison.
  • Continue travelling north from this point. Here you may encounter knights or other opponents.
  • Avoid your adversaries by moving north along your journey.
  • When encountering stairs or other forms of descent, do your best to take advantage of them. If there’s any way for you to lower yourself down safely, use it!
  • By returning to earth, you’ll discover still another path.
  • This path leads to an enclosed chamber to the south where lies an altar.
  • At all costs, one should seek to prevent Erdtree Avatars from protecting any locked doors with their force field.
  • Avoid or confront this monster to obtain runes.
  • As soon as the monster has been defeated, head toward the southern region to open up the fog door and unlock it.
  • To gain entrance, the Stonesword Imp statue should be used.
  • As previously described, one Stonesword Key will allow entry to the chamber.
  • Patches or any nomadic merchant in the Interstitial Regions will gladly sell you patches.
  • Once inside, locate an altar in one corner.
  • Within this altar you may locate and obtain Marika’s Soreseal.

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