Kyedae Valorant Rank, Age, Net Worth, Bio, Sister, And More

Kyedae Shimko, the wife of the famous esports player as well as Twitch broadcaster “C9 Tenz”. She was a guest on an event broadcast live from C9 Tenz once and then created her account on Twitch. Since then, she’s attracted the attention of many followers from C9 Tenz and other broadcasters on Stream Kyedae Valorant.

Apart from Twitch In addition, she has the opportunity to have her own Youtube channel, where she uploads videos from her streams and games. Find out details about her life as well as her age and net worth, her valorous rank of her religion as well as other things you want to learn about.

Who is Kyedae Shimko?

Kyedae Valorant

Kyedae Shymko is known as a gaming enthusiast, Twitch streamer, Youtuber as well as and influencer. She’s located in Canada and is well-known for her streams and posts on the internet. There are 985K fans on Twitch as well as around 490K followers on YouTube. Kyedae is a fan of Valorant as the bulk of her Twitch broadcasts are Valorant. Apart from gaming, she loves traveling and has visited a variety of places to date. Kyedae is also very engaged on Instagram and shares a variety of photos with her husband and also reels from her Twitch streams.

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Kyedae’s Net Worth

We’ve previously talked about how Kyedae’s position as a popular influencer as well as a highly popular streamer has earned her an estimated wealth of around $450,000. In terms of her popularity as a streamer, she can secure sponsorships through Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube. In addition, by promoting numerous businesses and so on. her net worth is an amazing annual net worth of $450,000. year, which is a lot for a young lady.

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Kyedae’s Valorant Rank

Kyedae is not a skillful gamer We already have learned, and she’s not known as a valorous and prominent player similar to her friend, TenZ. However, she’s gotten her Valorant handle quickly and attained silver level 3. The first female Valorant streamer, and has gained an extremely high rank within the game.

Family and Personal Life

It’s true, Kyedea has a younger sister whose name is Sakura. In January of 2021, Kyedea uploaded a video to her channel YouTube in which she is seen instructing her sister in the role of a Valorant. The title of the video Kyedea stated that she would have been a better player if Sakura had owned the gaming system and a gaming console, she could have surpassed my gaming skills in less than a matter of a week.

Age, Height, and Educatio

Kyedae has been born on the 1st of December the 1st of December, 2001. We can therefore assume that she will be 23 in 2024. Her height is 5.2 inches and weighs 53 kg. Her appearance is extremely fair and attractive, and well-known with a lot of Twitch broadcasters.

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Shimko is completing her high school at an exclusive school in Canada currently she’s pursuing her post-secondary research at the University of British Columbia.

Here’s everything you need to be aware of about Kyedae the relationship between her to her bio, age as well as other details. Find a different post on Tenz’s gear selections for Valorant.

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