How to create a Joinpd Code-joinpd com (April 2024) How to Generate a Joinpd Code: A tutorial for generating Join PD codes, joining PD sessions, and learning everything there is to know about Pear Deck

How to create a Joinpd (2022)

How to Produce Joined Code-Steps

To create a code, the first thing you need to do is make a presentation. After completing the steps, a 5-digit code will automatically be produced, and that will be the code that everyone who wants to access will require. We describe step-by-step how to get to the creation of the JoinPD code.

  • Click here to go to Of course, if you don’t have an account, you must make one.
  • Click on Create a Presentation > Add-ons (top bar) > Get add-ons (from the drop down) (from the drop down)
  • Type “Pear Deck” into the search field and click “+FREE” (the blue icon) to install.
  • Click on Add-ons > > Pear DeckPear Deck Is Now OpenAdd-on
  • Create the presentation: There are a thousand possibilities and templates, but it is a question of your exploring it a bit.
  • Once you are done with the presentation and others, click on “Present with Pear Deck.”
  • And following the previous step, a random code of 5 digits will be created. Share
  • the code with anybody you want to view your joint presentation with.

So don’t look everywhere for the code; simply complete all the steps, conclude your presentation, and the code will emerge on its own. Now we will describe how to join a session and where to insert the code.

How to create a Joinpd Code-How to Join?

These are the procedures to join a session on – formalized paraphraseHow to Enter the Code:

  • Click here to go to
  • Click on Join a session (top right corner of the screen) (upper right corner of the screen)
  • Enter the code and join the session.

Of course, first of all, the author of the presentation or someone who already has access must have supplied you with the code. But if you have it, you will have already realized that it is really easy. As you may have seen, the entire procedure is incredibly straightforward.

What exactly is Join PD?

It is a presentation method that is becoming quite popular in schools and institutions. Since, in addition to being entirely interactive, it enables you to ask and answer questions in real time. As you may guess, this teaching style became very popular throughout the epidemic. And it is here to stay. Now that the confinements have gone, it continues to have a lot of usage as there are numerous benefits to this new Pear Deck presenting method.

It was developed for schools, academies, and universities. But its application is not restricted. You yourself can use and produce presentations whenever you want, distribute them to whomever you want, and give them the use you want. You only need to have a Pear Deck account and have the code with which to select who may see the presentation.

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