New Best PS4 party chat on pc You can Easy to Join US

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to do our job more quickly. Unfortunately, it appears that when reading this article you won’t be able to connect your PlayStation 4 console (PS4 party chat on PC) in order to participate in party chat. Don’t worry if your console is somewhere else or on the floor; you can still join in!

No need to fret! We’ve made it simple and official for you to join a PS4 Party Chat on your PC. All that’s required is installing Remote Chat on your device, enabling you to play PlayStation games across multiple screens like phones, tablets, desktops and other consoles with ease. Plus, don’t forget about the Pause/Play feature which comes in handy when using the PS4.

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New Best PS4 party chat on pc You can Easy to Join US

New Best PS4 party chat on pc You can Easy to Join US

It should be noted that PlayStation games can be played on multiple screens such as phones, tablets, desktops and other consoles with the remote chat option enabled. Unfortunately, many players have reported difficulty connecting and participating in party chat on the PlayStation4 console.

Some users have asked how to access the PS4 Party Chat feature on a PC. To take advantage of this feature and connect with friends via PC for partychat you will need to install the PS4 Party Chat Remote Chat option on your device.

PS4 PartyChat is a PC application designed for online conversations with friends. You can easily sync it with your PlayStation 4 console, and its handy feature allows you to pause the console and continue playing PlayStation4 games.

  • Visit the official PlayStation Remote Play page to download the Windows 10 desktop client.
  • After downloading the app, install it and launch it on your computer.
  • You should ensure that your PlayStation 4 console has the same Wi-Fi network as your PC.
  • Also, make sure your console is set to sleep mode before you can join party chat.
  • Connect your PS4 controller with the PC
  • If you have PS5, you can go to the “Other Connections” section. You can also choose PlayStation 5
  • Click on the name to see your PS4/PS5 console’s name in the application.
  • It will start to search for and sync the connection remotely.
  • If you are using the PS4/PS5 Passkey then enter it (if asked).
  • Once you have completed all the steps, your console will automatically sync with your PC and you can start your game.
  • To talk to your friends, click on the microphone icons in the lower right corner.
  • Hold down the PS button on the controller > Click on “Party” from the Quick Menu option.
  • Go to “Start Party” > Select your friends’ groups from the lists.
  • Now you’re ready to go.


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