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The Presentation Experience Codes: Latest Codes (April 2023)


The Presentation Experience Codes: It’s time for presentations, so break out the notecards! Enter a simulated educational environment within The Presentation Experience and pretend to be a different type of student. Is it true that you’re known as “the class clown?” Who is this rapt listener? And who is this mysterious figure known only as “the sleeper?” Who is it that always has to remind the teacher that there’s homework? Your option is open! Spend points to distract your classmates with noise and movement as they give presentations, or cheer them on to boost your own score! So, how can you swiftly level up? to be used, of course, with secret codes.

All of the following codes can be entered to receive either a fixed number of bonus points or even more depending on your luck. Check back for more promo codes as they become available. Please notify us if any codes listed under “Working Codes” no longer work so that we can remove them. Remember: each code must be typed exactly as it appears for the experience to recognize it correctly.

The Presentation Experience Codes

The Presentation Experience Codes (April 2023)

The Presentation Experience coupons bring you in-game bonuses, so know them all.

coffeeRedeem for 60 Points (New)
maxwellgoodRedeem for 20 Gems
manfacepooperRedeem for a 5x Point Boost for 10 min
fartyrewardRedeem for 100 Points
minimalgamesproRedeem for 25 Points
UwURedeem for 20 Gems
HallwayRedeem for 10 Gems
pencilRedeem for 100 Points
100MVISITSRedeem for 15 Gems
MILLIONMEMBERS!Redeem for 10 Gems and 10 minutes of 5x XP
therearenootherteachers…Redeem for 10 Gems
nootnootRedeem for 75 Points
MegaboostRedeem for 5x Points for one minute
5gemsRedeem for 5 Gems
toiletRedeem for 50 points
itsaboutdriveitsaboutpowerRedeem for 150 Points
poopRedeem for 100 Points
NikkoCoderRedeem for 50 Points
bookwormRedeem for 80 Points
codeRedeem for 15 Points
RATRedeem for 25 Points
TeachermadcuzbadRedeem for 200 Points

Expired Codes The Presentation Experience (April 2023)

Here’s a list of expired The Presentation Experience codes:

Redeem CodeReward
anfisanova25 Points
bababooeypoints50 Points
180klikes10 Gems
Easter8 Gems
700kmembers10 Gems and a 1 minute 5x Points Boost
600kmembers5 minutes of 2x Boost
175klikes10 Gems and 5x Point Boost
150KLIKESUnknown (Reward not specified)
beatbox30 Points
sus30 Points

How to Redeem The Presentation Experience Codes

Launch Roblox the Presentation Experience and tap the Twitter-looking symbol in the upper left corner to redeem discount coupons. A box will appear for your codes. Enjoy your goodies!


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Roblox is free to play, with in-game purchases using Robux. Around 164 million people use Roblox every month, including more than half of American youngsters under the age of 16. Roblox gets largely excellent reviews from reviewers, however it’s been criticised for its moderation, microtransactions, and child exploitation.

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