While training for a marathon, Ashton Kutcher’s nipples Bleeding

While training for a marathon, Ashton Kutcher’s nipples Bleeding: The surprising occurrence that caused Ashton Kutcher’s preparation for the New York Marathon to be stopped short was the fact that he began bleeding from the nipples.

While training for a marathon, Ashton Kutcher’s nipples Bleeding

During a recent 17-mile run, the Hollywood actor was preparing for the yearly competition that takes place in November when he began to experience chest pain and discovered that his nipples had begun to leak.

During the broadcast of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” that aired on Thursday night (08.11.22), Ashton stated, “I had bloody nipples.” I am pleased with the way things are going at the moment. My thighs were fine, but the back of my knees and my nipples were on fire. “

The guest host, David Alan Grier, then presented the actress, who is 44 years old, with a pair of gold nipple tassels after that.

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David was told by Ashton that he kept himself motivated by hosting a show with his celebrity friends as he ran on his treadmill. The presentation was held in support of Thorn, a charity that seeks to put a stop to the sexual exploitation of children.

He said: ” I thought to myself, “Hey, what if we host a show in my basement where I ask people to run with me and we bring a Peloton coach and I interview them while we are running?” And so the idea was born.

Ashton Kutcher's nipples Bleeding

There are approximately 10 episodes of this show that have been filmed at this point, and they have featured guests such as Natalie Portman, Kenny Chesney, and frequent friends such as Chris Paul who stop by.

As a result of the news that he suffered through a “rare vasculitis episode” in 2019, Ashton has refocused his attention on improving his overall health and fitness.

He described it as a “autoimmune flare-up” and said that it was the reason of his loss of balance as well as his hearing. However, the cause of this illness, which is classified as an inflammation of the blood vessels, is unknown.

Ahead of the proliferation of rumors, chatter, or anything else there might be, “he sent out tweets. About three years ago, I was diagnosed with a case of vasculitis that was quite exceptional. Following the flare-up of my autoimmune disease, I experienced some temporary hearing loss, vision impairment, and balance issues.

The star announced to run in the marathon

The star of “What Happens in Vegas” announced his intention to run in the forthcoming marathon in November after assuring his 17.1 million followers that he had achieved a “full recovery” from his injury. He said, “I am entirely back to normal.” It’s all good. Continuing on See you in the New York City Marathon in 2022 with Thorn. “

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