Itel A44 Frp Unlock Solution 2024 New Update

Hi friends, welcome to another informative tutorial from on “How to Unlock FRP on an Itel A44.” We have tested and confirmed this solution to bypass FRP on the MediaTek MT6737M chipset in the Itel A44, without using a mobile flashing box or special tool. In this article you will learn how to utilize the Smart Phone Flash Tool (also known as SP Flash Tool) for bypassing FRP and solving Tool DL Image Flail issues with the Itel A44.

This article will teach you how to download and install the official stock ROM firmware for the Itel A44 smartphone. If you own an A44 and need to flash stock firmware to fix a bootloop issue or unbrick your phone, then look no further – we provide a step-by-step guide on installing stock firmware on the A44.

Itel A44 Frp Unlock Nougat 7.0 Without Box Working 100%

The Itel A44 is an Android-powered smartphone powered by the Mediatek processor. It supports two SIM cards and offers connectivity options such as 3G/4G, GPS, Wi Fi, Bluetooth etc. Sensors like Goryo proximity gravity etc are also included for added convenience.

If your Itel A44 device has been bricked, stock firmware can be flashed back and it will unbrick it immediately. Also if the phone lags or has any issues, flash the stock firmware from the list below for immediate relief and no warranty voiding repercussions.


  • Download the Itel A44 FRP Solution zip file (Download Link Provided Below).
  • Once extracted, you’ll have both Itel A44 Flash Tool and FRP Bypass Files.
  • To open SP Flash Tool (open SP Flash Tool v5.1708 folder and double click on flash_tool.exe):
  • Now load the Android scatter file (MT6737M_Android_scatter.txt) in the Flash File Images folder.
  • Now open the Format tab of SP Flash Tool and select Manual Format Flash.
  • Now, specify the region, begin address and length of the format area.

Begin Address [HEX]: 0x6a00000
Format Length [HEX]: 0x100000

  • Now select “Start,” then connect your Itel A44 phone to a computer using its USB cable (sometimes you may need to press the boot key, Itel A44 boot keys = switch off phone and hold down volume down key before connecting).
  • Once format is complete, simply turn off your phone and you are all set!

Itel A44 FRP Unlock File Free Download

File Size: 557.1 KB
Password:- officialroms

Itel A44 FRP Unlock File

Itel A44 After FRP Unlock File – Solution:

If you are facing after flashing or unlocking frp on the Itel A44 Android smartphone then here is the solution. If the phone is showing Tool DL Image  then it’s continuously restarts and you unable to use the phone, but after following the below steps you can easily recover the phone to normal mode.

Itel A44 frp Unlock Nougat 7.0 without any box working 100% 2018

Itel A44 frp Unlock Nougat 7.0 without any box working 100% 2018 Hi friends, welcome to another interesting tutorial from


  • Similar to the prior FRP unlock step, but instead of formatting we flash or download firmware using SP flash tool.
  • Download Itel A44 FRP Solution.rar from the provided link.
  • To use SP Flash Tool, open the MT6737M_Android_scatter file.
  • Select Download Only and then Only Cache (untick all other options as shown in the image below).
  • To verify a USB checksum and storage checksum, go to Options -> Option -> Download and select USB Checksum and Storage Checksum from the dropdown list.
  • Now click the Download button and use your phone’s boot key (same as with frp process above) to connect the phone.
  • Once downloaded successfully, turn off your phone and verify that it works perfectly on an Itel A44.

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