Itel A15 Frp Unlock Using Sp Flash Tool DA File 2024

How To Format A Single Partition in Itel A15 With Frp Unlock Boot Data File This tutorial will walk you through the steps necessary for formatting a single partition on an Itel A15 using SP flash tool.

Itel A15 Frp Unlock

Why would I want to format a single partition on my Itel A15?

There are various reasons why one might need to format a single partition on an Itel A15. One such instance is when your device has FRP locked; all that needs to be done is format only the FRP partition. Or if you require factory reset but cannot enter recovery mode due to some mysterious issue, all that needs to be done is format user data and cache partitions. The method below demonstrates how easy this process can be accomplished.

If your Itel A15 nougat mobile has FRP lock issue, follow this guide to unlock it without using a box. No need for flash firmware or using any premium tool – simple Lava FRP file and SP flash tool will suffice.

Itel A15 FRP Tool, Drivers and Itel A44 FRP Reset File

File Size: 1.3 MB

Itel A15 Frp Unlock DA File by

SP Flash Tool Free Download (All Versions)

File Size: 1.3 GB

MTK Driver Auto Installer (all versions) Download

File Size: 12 MB

How to Format a Single Partition of Itel A15:

  • The steps below explain how to format a single partition of an Itel A15 using SP flash tool.
  • Extract the content of the SP flash tool zip file and Launch SP flash tool.
  • Select the scatter file for your device by clicking choose besides the scatter-loading file’s dropdown bar.
  • In the windows that appear next, navigate to and select the Itel A15 scatter file.
  • You should now be taken back to the SP flash tool window, Click on the Format tab.
  • Tick the checkbox beside “Manual format flash”
  • Open windows explorer and navigate to the location of the scatter file you selected earlier on then open it using Notepad++
  • Scroll down the contents of the scatter file till you get to the partition you wish to format [in my case, I’m trying to format FRP partition]
  • Input the values of Linear_start addr and partition_size into SP flash tool then Click on Start.

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