Is Ready or Not Steam Deck Compatible?

Is Ready or Not Steam Deck Compatible? Ready or Not has taken the gaming world by storm with its captivating tactical gameplay and realistic SWAT simulator experience. But for players on-the-go, one question remains: Is Ready or Not Steam Deck compatible?

Yes, Ready or Not can be played on a Steam Deck! Valve has officially certified it as playable on their platform; meaning it runs natively without additional steps required to run properly. There may however be some key considerations.


Ready or Not can run smoothly on the Steam Deck, though frame rate drops may occur during intense firefights and in the main menu. As this game is still under development, optimizations specifically for it are likely coming in future updates.

Is Ready or Not Steam Deck Compatible?

Control Scheme

One of the biggest obstacles to successfully playing Ready or Not on a Steam Deck is its control scheme. Since it relies heavily on keyboard and mouse controls, which can be difficult to replicate using only its gamepad. While Valve provides a default controller layout that’s suitable for some actions, other functions may require using touchscreen or virtual keyboard functions – something which may become cumbersome during intense moments of gameplay.

Missing Functionality

Ready or Not is currently inaccessible when using the Steam Deck’s default controller configuration. This includes features such as throwing grenades, ordering your squad, and ending missions. Workarounds exist via touchscreen or virtual keyboard use but this experience is less seamless.


Ready or Not might not be an ideal fit for Steam Deck yet, but it remains playable and enjoyable experience. If you can overlook some minor performance hiccups and control scheme constraints, playing Ready or Not on-the-go could certainly bring hours of gaming fun.

Here are a few tips to enhance your Ready or Not experience on the Steam Deck:

  • Lowering graphics settings: Doing this will increase frame rate and battery life.
  • Utilise FSR 2.1 upscaling option: This can help boost performance without compromising too much image quality.
  • Enable “Game Mode” quick setting: Doing this will prioritize game performance over other system processes.
  • Customize the Controller Layout: Explore various button mappings until you find one that best meets your needs.
  • Use the touchscreen or virtual keyboard when necessary: Don’t be intimidated into using these tools when needed for accessing functions that don’t map to a controller.

Simple adjustments allow you to enjoy Ready or Not on the Steam Deck and feel the excitement of tactical SWAT gameplay anywhere.


Ready or Not is an enjoyable Steam Deck game, yet not perfect. By accepting some limitations and optimizing it with future updates and patches, you could still have great fun playing it on your portable PC. Future updates could even make the experience more satisfying and pleasurable!

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