How to Unequip Weapon Sons of the forest 2024

How to Unequip Weapon Sons of the forest: While being marooned on an idyllic tropical island may sound appealing things take an unpleasant turn when you discover that it is infested with cannibals and mutants exactly the scenario Endnight Game present you in their latest prequel Sons of the Forest. As you venture out to explore and gather resources you may wonder how to access or delete items or weapons in Sons of the Forest; well if that’s the case here’s all of the information needed.

How to Unequip Weapon Sons of the forest

How to Unequip Weapon Sons of the forest

Follow below provided steps to unequip weapon in sons of the forest:

  1. When Start make sure you have an item equipped in your right hand.
  2. Locate the G key on your keyboard.
  3. Press the G key.
  4. As a result the item you were holding in your right hand will be unequipped from your character inventory.
  5. It will be restored to your inventory if it was a weapon or similar item.
  6. Press I and select the item from your inventory to re-equip.

Remember this process applies to most game but may differ depending on which game you are playing. Be sure to refer back to your manual or settings for instructions regarding unequipping items.

As an extra precaution you can manually remove weapons from your backpack to keep yourself and others safe. Press “I” to access your inventory, click on your backpack, hover over and right-click over any weapon to safely dispose of them before clicking right.

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