How to start Dax missions in Los Santos Drug Wars for GTA Online

How to start Dax missions in Los Santos Drug Wars for GTA Online: The GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC has been out for almost a week and has given players a lot of new updates, vehicles, and things to do. Rockstar Games has referred to some of adjustments and fixes, however the new tale missions are one of the most crucial ones.

One of the new characters in GTA Online is Dax. Another is Ronald “Ron” Jakowski, who GTA Online veterans already know. Players will work with these two and a lot of other characters to finish the first mission in a series called “First Dose.”

How to start Dax missions in Los Santos Drug Wars for GTA Online

There are six missions within the First Dose series, and this article can assist game enthusiasts who want a short begin manual.

How to get started with the First Dose missions

Follow the steps below to get started with the missions:

start Dax missions in Los Santos Drug Wars for GTA
  • Sign in to a different session.
  • Wait for Nervous Ron to call you, which could take a while.
  • You can move around the game for a while and wait for the call.
  • Ron will call you and tell you that an unknown group has taken over Trevor’s property. He will ask you to go out and see what’s going on.
  • When the call is over, there will be a big yellow “R” on the map in Sandy Shore.
  • Walk up to the yellow mark at the place that is marked. When you get there, a message will tell you which key to press to start the missions.
  • When the mission starts, a cutscene will show Dax being introduced as the leader of a new gang called Fooliganz, which includes Labrat and Luchadora.
  • At the end of the cutscene, the Lost MC will attack the house, and everyone will get ready for a shootout.
    After that, Dax will ask you to help him get rid of the members of the Lost MC. It starts the first mission in the First Dose series.

How to finish First Dose 1 of GTA Online: Welcome to the Troupe

Here are the steps to finish the first mission in the series:

start Dax missions in Los Santos Drug Wars for GTA
  • Shoot out the Lost MC cavalry by going to the spots marked on the mini-map.
  • When most of them are dead, some of the group will take Ron’s car.
  • Dax will ask you to cross the river in his boat and get Ron’s Zirconium Journey vehicle.
  • Once you take the boat and get to the marked spot, you have to kill the members of the Lost MC. If you can clear a path to the Journey, you don’t have to kill all of them.
  • Once you’re inside, drive the Journey back to Dax.
  • Some members of the Lost MC will follow you, so avoid them to protect the Journey.
  • Drive Dax to the Freakshop as soon as you find him.

Here is where the first mission ends, and you can talk to Dax about the next ones.

As with many of the other cars included in the DLC, the Zirconium Journey shown in the opening task is now available for purchase in GTA Online.

start Dax missions in Los Santos Drug Wars for GTA

This is currently the most effective desire to start the First Dose missions and maintain your development after completing the number one project. After finishing the preliminary troubles, game enthusiasts can select out up wherein they left off at any second through manner of dialing Dax and finding the place to begin for the following missions in the downloadable content material fabric.

With the release of the downloadable content, players will gain access to a wide variety of new cars. Even if the next mainline game in the series isn’t announced for a while, the downloadable content for GTA Online should keep it fresh until then.

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