How to get the Secret Ending in Break in 2

How to get the Secret Ending in Break in 2: Roblox is an entertainment platform featuring various RPG, action, simulation and horror titles that range from RPG, action, simulation and horror genres. Break in 2 is another stand-out title that allows gamers to strengthen their character to complete missions for badge collection. Intense video gamers may discover there’s even a secret ending you can discover. Unlocking this secret ending should be top priority given its rarity! If you want to unlock it in Break in 2, here’s what needs to happen to do it successfully:

What are Steps to unlock Secret Ending in Break In 2?

To prepare yourself for the secret ending in Break In 2, ensure your Strength stat is at least level 3. This is vital for breaking a crucial object during the mission and, additionally, I suggest increasing your speed stat to ease navigation – particularly in an area that will require you to execute multiple jumps.

How to get the Secret Ending in Break in 2
How to get the Secret Ending in Break in 2

After fulfilling all these prerequisites, you will require three items associated with Scary Larry: his crowbar, his hat, and his mask. Below are the instructions for obtaining them:

  • Crowbar: Situated on the right side when facing the building, adjacent to Twado’s dog house. Initially concealed from view, players can spot it after loading the area. To acquire the crowbar, players must topple the tree near the dog house (requiring Strength level 3).
  • Mask: Positioned on the opposite side of the quicksand. To navigate the quicksand safely, players should move cautiously and avoid the whirlpools that develop.
  • Hat: The hat is held by The Annoying Kid, who can be located behind a tree near the entrance to the quicksand. However, The Annoying Kid requests a slice of Golden Pizza as compensation. Players must defeat the Pizza Party Boss and then offer the Golden Pizza to The Annoying Kid, who will exchange it for the hat.

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