Dead Space Remake Break Room Codes (May 2024)

Dead Space Remake Break Room Codes: Break Room Codes Dead Space Remake Dead Space is a horror survival video game set in the year 2024. It was made by Motive Studio and put out by Electronic Arts. Dead Space Remake Break Room Codes are something every gamer wants to know. If you’re looking for Dead Space Remake Break Room vouchers, read what’s below to find out everything you need to know.

Dead Space Remake Break Room Codes

Dead Space Remake Break Room Codes

All Dead Space Remake Break Room Codes are listed here below:

In the locker area, there is a circle where players can communicate with one another using one of three codes. One can be found in the cafeteria, and others can be discovered elsewhere, such as the Crew Deck in Chapter 10. Here is what each of the three codes can unlock. Melee is shortened to M, and stomp is shortened to S.

The First Code: M, M, S, M, M, S, S, M, M, M, S, S (Gives 2 Power Nodes)

The Second Code: M, S, S, S, M, S, M, S, S, S, M, S (Unlocks a cryptic text log)

The Third Code: M, S, M, M, S, M, S, M, M, M, M, S (unlocks an audio log featuring a catchy sea shanty in it).

Where to use Dead Space Remake Break Room Vouchers?

There is a dining area on the ground floor of the Bridge section of the USG Ishimura. There is an elevator in the atrium that will take you straight here. Players won’t be able to enter here until the fourth chapter, once they’ve dispatched the Brute guarding the security room. This area is accessible at any point before to the end of Chapter 11 due to the open nature of the USG Ishimura. When players first enter this room, a discourse will begin between Kendra and Isaac concerning Unitology and the videos playing on the walls.

The symbols in “Dead Space” represent actions the player must perform to advance in the game. A footprint indicates a need to perform a stomp, while a handprint requires engagement in combat.

To advance, players must enter these codes within the circle’s bounds; otherwise, the game will reset and they must start over. When entering the correct code successfully, the circle lights up and your wall screen flashes red for a brief moment.

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