ALL iPhones have two hidden menus that few people know about.

Picture Credit: Apple

Accessing them will speed up your smartphone use and make your life easier.

The first secret feature is called "Quick Actions," and it works from the Home Screen of the iPhone.

If you press and hold on an app icon for a while, you can get to a hidden menu.

Here, you can change how an app works without having to open it and slow down your phone.

Apple's Photos app is only one of many that supports this hidden menu.

If you tap and hold the Photos icon, for instance, a shortcut menu will appear.

Apple-specific Quick Actions are top two. You can delete an app from the Home Screen or move it.

They let you easily access specific elements in Photos, such as the Search option, which lets you search for "dog" or "mountain."

You can search your reel for relevant photos exactly like Google Images.

Settings has a useful Quick Actions hack. Long-pressing the symbol brings up Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular Data, and Battery shortcuts.

These hidden menus save the time you spend traversing app screens.

iPhone's Accessibility option helps speed up device use.

Hidden settings allow you to customize your user experience and enjoy certain features. Go to Settings > Accessibility on your iPhone.

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