How to Get a Free Royale Pass Zust2help and UC in 2022

The website Zust2help promises free UC and a free Royale Pass in BGMI, however these promises are not backed up by actual service. There has been a lot of buzz about getting Royal Pass or free UC since since BGMI was released. Many are looking forward to using Zust2help’s new free royale pass BGMI function.

Many individuals in 2022 are hoping to gain free RP and UC by using this service. The question is, though: does it really work? To verify Zust2help’s reliability, we used the aforementioned functions.

Is There Any Way To Get free royal pass zust2help BGMI UC?

When you look for “Zust2help” on Google, you’ll see many results advertising free UC and a free Royale Pass. The site that promises free UC has laid out the procedures you must go through to get it.

How to Get a Free Royale Pass Zust2help and UC in 2022
  • Choose the Get Free 600 UC or How to Get Free Royale Pass link.
  • Just do what it says in the article.
  • If you’ve followed the instructions carefully, you should now have access to the UC or Royale Pass in your PUBG or BGMI account.

What’s the Deal with Zust2help?

Here’s what happened when we followedfree royal pass zust2help freebie-obtainment instructions to the letter.

  • We found the Get Free 600 UC in Pubg link while searching for Zust2help. It took me to an article detailing some simple procedures for obtaining no cost goodies.
  • The author states that a new Google site must be established. After clicking on the link, we saw that the new site looked very similar to zust2help.
  • Following the instructions given in the prior post, we went to the 600 Free UC link. After that, we were sent to a page where we were instructed to choose the PUBG/BGMI HELP option.
  • After that, we have to put in our login details (username and password). We completed the form and hit the submit button. The server may be overloaded or the network may be weak, the message said. Unfortunately, zust2help did not provide us with either a Universal Connector or a Royale Pass.

The Sorry message we got is really just another post on the website, which is why we believe this to be a hoax. It’s important to note that the two sites are carbon clones of one another. The same Server Busy post will load regardless of whether you submit your name and PUBG ID and name.

We also found that the offer of free 600 UC that appears when you initially click the link changes to free 900 UC when you go to the page where you input your ID and name. Many of the posts on free royal pass zust2help promise freebies or monetary compensation from third-party applications. None of the articles have convinced us. Consequently, Zust2help is a fraudulent service.

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