How to Get a Free royal pass zust2help and UC in 2024

Zust2help’s promises of free UC and Royale Pass are not fulfilled through actual service; although their promises were made when BGMI first released. There has been great anticipation around getting Royal Pass or free UC through Zust2help’s newly added Royale Pass feature on BGMI, with many players eagerly looking forward to using Zust2help’s royale pass BGMI function.

Individuals in 2022 hope that Zust2help can offer them free RP and UC, yet its reliability remains uncertain. We conducted tests using all available functions in Zust2help in order to test its reliability.

Is There Any Way To Get free royal pass zust2help BGMI UC?

Search Google for “Zust2help”, and you will come up with many results offering free UC and Royale Pass subscriptions. Many websites advertising free subscriptions also detail how to obtain these benefits.

How to Get a Free Royale Pass Zust2help and UC in 2024
  • Choose either Get Free 600 UCs or How to get a Free Royale Pass as desired links for assistance.
  • Just follow what the article instructs.
  • If you followed all instructions carefully, the UC or Royale Pass should now be accessible in your PUBG or BGMI account.

What’s the Deal with Zust2help?

Here’s what happened when we followedfree royal pass zust2help freebie-obtainment instructions to the letter.

  • Searching Zust2help led us to this link on How to Earn Free 600 UC in Pubg which leads directly to an article with instructions for earning no-cost goodies in Pubg.
  • The author asserted that Google should create a new site similar to zust2help and, upon clicking its link, we found something quite familiar resembling this new portal.
  • As per instructions from our previous post, we visited the 600 Free UC link and were taken to a page instructing us to select “PUBG/BGMI HELP”.
  • After we filled in our login details (username and password), we completed and submitted the form, only to receive a message saying the server may be overloaded or networks may be weak; zust2help did not offer either Universal Connectors or Royale Passes as promised.

At first, this appeared like just another post from a website; thus making us suspect this to be a hoax. Both websites appear identical – for instance, when visiting either of them the exact same Server Busy post will load regardless of who submitted their name and ID/name details or not.

We discovered that when clicking the link initially, an offer of 600 UC changes to an offer of free 900 UC when arriving at the page where ID and name information must be submitted. Many posts about free royal pass zust2help promise freebies or compensation from third-party apps but none were convincing; therefore Zust2help should be treated as fraudulent service provider.

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