Apex Legends 2024 : How to Fix If Origin Stuck on Resuming

Origin stuck on resuming :Have you ever encountered Origin Stuck on Resuming Download problem in your Windows? If so, you are in the right spot. Origin is an online distribution platform created by Electronic Arts (EA) a video online game store. Origin app support Android iOS Window macOS, etc. It’s no surprise that most PC gamers are constantly confronted with gaming related video game issues or client-related issues such as starting or updating connection to servers matchmaking and many more.

Origin clients. In the present, if we talk about the specific Origin stuck in a resumption of download issue, many users have reported this issue, and its not a new problem. How ever this is an issue that is common to Origin users. There fore we doubt that EA can resolve this issue. How ever there are some fixes that you could test out at least once.

Origin games, whether client-based or store-based, offer a vast selection of video games through the Origin Store such as Apex Legend Star War FIFA Need for Speed, Plants vs Zombies and Anthem to name just a few. Unfortunately these problems can happen during download or installation for any downloaded game so without further delay let us explore how to fix them below.

origin stuck on resuming

How to Fix If Origin Stuck on Resuming Download

  • Prior to anything else, make sure that your Origin Client is running as an administrator.
  • Confirm that your installed drive partition is made in NTFS format and not FAT32 format, as FAT32 partitions have an upper limit for storage writing of 4GB. Anything beyond this cannot be done simultaneously.
  • Verify your internet connection is functioning normally. Additionally, test the internet and wi-fi connections simultaneously.
  • Make sure to go into the Task Manager and close all background processes that use a lot of CPU/memory, including applications from the list including Steam client. After rebooting your computer, check Origin download again for successful completion. Origin download should now complete successfully.
  • Make sure you verify or repair the game’s files in case they become corrupted due to various causes.
  • You could also perform an unclean boot of your computer. Start by typing MSConfig into Start, and the System Configuration window will appear. Services > Select “Hide All Microsoft Services,” click ‘Disable All,” select Startup, open Task Manager and right-click every program and select Disable; then close Task Manager before returning to System Configuration and clicking OK to save changes.

That’s it, everyone. We hope this post was of some assistance to you. If any further queries arise, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

Recently, Apex Legends updated and now won’t let me play due to a folder name change issue. When trying to change this folder name, my computer informed me it cannot be done as the folder is currently in use. Can someone help? Right-clicking the game’s icon did seem to fix things temporarily; however, after restarting my machine Origins opened but now all it shows me are details about the game, deletes from favorites list, displays achievements and a game prop – then hides away again.

How to Fix Stuck on Resuming After the Game’s Update

Despite the thrilling gameplay and innovative mechanics, Apex Legends, just like other games, comes with a fair number of technical problems. We will today be talking about and offering solutions for Apex Legend issues with returning to. So before we divert much lets get right into it.

  1. Begin your offline experience by going to the upper left corner and pressing Offline.
  2. Once complete a button X will now appear in the download.
  3. Click the “X” button to close this download and close this window.
  4. Return to the upper left corner and then return to the website.
  5. All these should cause the game to begin downloading and preparing then restart once more.

These steps should solve your issue. But there’s one common misstep you could make after following them: your game may get stuck at 8.46GB during download. To fix this, try these steps:

  1. You can stop downloading by selecting the Cancel option.
  2. Next, open My Game Library in Origin.
  3. Right-click the game, and then click to repair.
  4. It is recommended to double-check the game’s file and restart your download.

Apex Legends is an exciting Battle Royale-style game, but players cannot take advantage of its features if they cannot download or update the game. If none of the methods above have worked for you, we suggest reaching out directly to EA Support via their Answers headquarters for assistance. Eventually, your game should launch or update normally after each attempt at solving this problem.

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