How to Beat Scream in Spider-Man 2?

How to Beat Scream in Spider-Man 2? Scream is an intimidating symbiote villain in Spider-Man 2, whom Spidey must confront head on. Her attacks can be difficult to evade while remaining fast; however, there are various strategies players can employ in order to increase their odds of defeating her.

How to Beat Scream in Spider-Man 2

Scream is one of the toughest bosses in Spider-Man 2, but with a few tips, you can take her down.

Phase 1

In the first phase of the fight, Scream will attack you with a variety of moves, including:

  • Sonic Scream: The character Scream can release a powerful Sonic Scream attack, causing damage and pushing you away. To escape this danger, take cover or maneuver to the side to avoid it.
  • Tendril Sweep: Scream performs a sweeping motion with her tendrils, creating a dangerous attack. To evade it, leap over the tendrils or sidestep to avoid contact.
  • Tendril Grab: Scream tries to ensnare you with her tendrils and hurl you across the arena. To defend yourself, make sure to steer clear of her tendrils when she attempts to grab you. Dodge her tendrils when she goes for the grab to avoid this attack.

Scream is adept at using her environment to gain the upper hand in combat. She can throw vehicles at you or ram you against the ground – to evade these assaults, stay aware of your surroundings and watch for Scream’s offensive maneuvers.

Your best strategy in this stage should be to remain mobile and avoid Scream’s attacks as much as possible, using web-shooters or close combat techniques when possible to engage her.

How to Beat Scream in Spider-Man 2?
How to Beat Scream in Spider-Man 2?

Phase 2

She will also gain an effective new weapon:

  • Sonic Charge: Scream will charge at you with an assault of sound waves; to evade this attack, make a feint and move to the side.

Scream will use her tendrils more often in this phase; be wary to avoid their tendrils and attacks!

At this stage, your best option is to make use of the environment to your advantage. Lure Scream near cars or objects you can use to damage her; additionally, use web-shooters to trap her up and create openings to attack.

Final Phase

Scream will continue to attack harder in the final phase, becoming even more aggressive and her strikes more powerful. She will also gain two new moves:

  • Tendril Barrage: Scream will fire an onslaught of tendrils at you; to evade this attack, move to the side or take cover immediately.
  • Sonic Scream Combo: Scream will release an array of sonic waves at you; to protect yourself against this attack, keep dodging and moving.

Scream will use her tendrils to form a sonic cage around you. In order to escape, press any of the buttons displayed on the screen.

Your best bet in this phase is to use Focus to outwit Scream’s attacks as much as possible and strike when an opportunity presents itself, either with web-shooters or melee strikes.

Tips for Beating Scream

Here are a few additional strategies for beating Scream:

  • Focusing your Mind: By slowing time down and making it easier to dodge Scream’s attacks, your Focus can allow you to manage time more effectively.
  • Use Your Environment: Place Scream near cars or other objects you can use to harm her.
  • Set webs: Use your web-shooters to set webs around her and open spaces to attack her.
  • Keep moving: To maximize Scream’s effectiveness in her surroundings, don’t remain still for too long. She will use everything available to her to manipulate the surroundings in her favour.
  • Be patient: Scream is an unforgiving boss, so don’t get disheartened if your initial attempts don’t immediately bear fruit – just persevere until eventually, Scream falls!


Scream is a difficult boss, but with some simple strategies you can defeat her with relative ease. Keep moving, avoid her attacks, and use your environment strategically in order to take out Scream eventually. With patience, it will happen!

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