How to Clinch in UFC 5? Complete Process

How to Clinch in UFC 5? Clinching in UFC 5 is an essential close-range fighting technique, enabling you to grapple your opponent and execute takedowns and submissions. Mastering it will lead to success in higher ranks of competition.

How to Clinch in UFC 5?
How to Clinch in UFC 5? Complete Process

How to Clinch in UFC 5?

UFC 5’s clinch position offers a close-range grappling opportunity that is ideal for controlling opponents and setting up takedowns and submissions.

To clinch in UFC 5, press any of these buttons:

  • Orthodox stance: Square + X (PlayStation), X + A (Xbox)
  • Southpaw stance: Triangle + Circle (PlayStation), Y + B (Xbox)

Once you find yourself in a clinch, utilize the left and right analog sticks to maneuver around your adversary and set up opportunities for takedowns and submissions. Additionally, you have access to specific buttons to execute clinch strikes:

  • Knees: L2 + R1 (PlayStation), LT + RB (Xbox)
  • Elbows: L1 + R1 (PlayStation), LB + RB (Xbox)

To perform a clinch takedown, press and hold the right trigger (RT), followed by one of these buttons:

  • Single leg takedown: A (Xbox), X (PlayStation)
  • Double leg takedown: B (Xbox), Square (PlayStation)
  • Hip toss: X + A (Xbox), Square + X (PlayStation)

To attempt a submission from the clinch, hold down the left trigger (LT) and press one of the following buttons:

  • Rear-naked choke: R1 + Square (PlayStation), RB + X (Xbox)
  • Guillotine choke: R1 + Triangle (PlayStation), RB + Y (Xbox)
  • Armbar: R1 + Circle (PlayStation), RB + B (Xbox)

Not all submissions can be attempted from all clinch positions; for instance, rear-naked choke cannot be attempted from a front clinch position.

Tips for using the clinch effectively

Here are some strategies for effectively using the clinch in UFC 5: Here are some guidelines on using it effectively in UFC 5.

  • Make use of the clinch to set up takedowns. Clinching can help get your opponent down onto their back where you have an advantage over him or her.
  • Use the clinch to avoid strikes. If you are being overwhelmed by strikes, entering a clinch may provide some respite from their impact.
  • Utilize the clinch as an entryway into submission attempts. From there, you can pursue submission attempts in various positions within the clinch.


Clinching is an invaluable weapon in UFC 5. By mastering it, you will gain control of the fight and be able to bring it down to the ground, where a takedown or submission can seal its fate for victory.

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