Halatali: Final Fantasy XIV, What is It? 2024

Halatali Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the level 20–23 dungeon is found in Eastern Thanalan. Halatali is not connected to the main mission, in contrast to other dungeons in the game. Instead, it may be unlocked by speaking with Nedrick Ironheart at X12-Y14 in Vesper Bay, Western Thanalan. During the dungeon, players of levels 24 and above will be synchronised to levels 23.

Halatali: Final Fantasy XIV, What is It? 2024

Tour of Halatali Dungeon




Initial boss in Halatali summons wisps as adds. The wisps slowly move to the fire pit in the chamber, where they explode for AoE party damage.

Most parties may find it simpler to damage the monster quickly and heal through the add bursts. The second technique is simpler, but it strains the healer, thus care must be used to manage damage.

Thunderclap Guivre:

Halatali: Final Fantasy XIV, What is It? 2024

The second boss in Halatali is a drake with a frontal cone AoE attack. While the monster is invulnerable, the small pool of water will become electrified, boosting lightning damage to the group. Groups should draw elementals and the monster to the room’s ramps to escape increasing damage. This should make the struggle easy.

Pit Peiste:

This optional monster spawns while attempting to loot an end-of-instance chest. Before fighting, kill the adds surrounding the chest. Peiste lacks specific attacks or abilities and dies fast.

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Halatali: Final Fantasy XIV, What is It? 2024

Halatali’s last monster wields a massive axe and summons wisps and Fire Spirits for help. Wisps provide AoE damage like previously, while Spirits unleash fire spells. The additions only emerge when Tangata becomes invulnerable and surrounds himself with a damaging circular field.

After killing the adds, the boss becomes vulnerable. The sole other ability is a frontal cone strike that may be sidestepped.

The Fire Spirits must be destroyed personally, but the wisp additions may be overlooked if your healer is confident in keeping everyone alive. Most healers can easily heal through the AoE blasts.

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