The Fell Court Of Troia in Final Fantasy 14: A Full Guide

The Fell Court of Troia, A walkthrough of every aspect of the new dungeon, which was included in patch 6.2 for Final Fantasy 14.

The Fell Court Of Troia: Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.2 brought a new series of Main Storyline Quests (MSQ) along with a new raid, Island Sanctuary, and a new dungeon. This guide for the new dungeon, the Fell Court of Troia, will minimise spoilers while offering insights about the bosses.

The Fell Court of Troia drops Item Level 595 gear, which Final Fantasy 14 players may use to upgrade secondary occupations.
Players must eliminate a few monster groups before reaching the first boss. These little foes don’t accomplish anything but signal their abilities. To prevent harm, players must avoid the bright orange region. After they’re gone, the first boss awaits.

The Fell Court Of Troia: Final Fantasy 14’s first boss is a group of Evil Dreamers. Players shouldn’t approach the Evil Dreamers like any other creatures, despite their appearance.
Evil Dreamers aren’t very powerful. Tank them and use AoE abilities/spells to kill them. After enough Evil Dreamers are murdered, another bunch appears. This new group will be invulnerable while charging an arena-wide assault. Once the newcomers can be assaulted, players should quickly get out of harm’s path. Repeat to get another group. All players will acquire a targeting marker and the attack pattern will alter. When both abilities activate, players should walk away from each other and out of the orange lines on the floor to avoid incurring damage and killing each other.

The Fell Court Of Troia

After then, players may assault the next Evil Dreamer group. In the middle, a gigantic Evil Dreamer spawns and casts Endless Nightmare. This Evil Dreamer must be destroyed before using this ability, else players will die immediately and have to restart the boss battle. Players must also avoid the orange attack signs while doing maximum damage. After fighting the monster, a Treasure Coffer appears and players may continue exploring.

Between Bosses – Part 1:

The Fell Court Of Troia: Between the first and second bosses, just the landscape changes. As is common for Final Fantasy 14 dungeons, players will face monster groupings. These packets are harmless as always.
As players approach the second fight, two Treasure Coffers will grant bonus riches. Above are photographs of Treasure Coffer locations. After clearing the route, players face the second boss.

Beatrice: Second Boss

The Fell Court Of Troia: Beatrice is a considerably tougher boss than Evil Dreamer, and players must be careful. First, focus on her gaze mechanism. When a four-eyed ring appears around the monster, players must look aside. When two lines split the room, look out. Beatrice’s assault hits 25% of the room, therefore players must avoid. She’ll repeat this three times before the assault stops, and bad placement might send you back to the dungeon entrance.
Beatrice also throws Hush on party tanks. Damage reduction and speedy healing are needed. She employs Beatific Scorn (an unavoidable AoE spell) and Voidshaker (which players just have to move out of before she finishes casting it).

As Beatrice’s health declines, she casts a nastier form of her gaze ability that scatters rings. A large orange circle also emerges. So players must control their posture so they aren’t staring at any rings when the gaze activates and aren’t standing in the large orange ring near the room’s edge. Players will easily overcome Beatrice if they master these techniques.

Between Bosses – Part 2:

The Fell Court Of Troia: Defeating Beatrice reveals a route behind the throne to the last dungeon area. Flying creatures spawn while other monsters are fighting.
A white arrow in an orange circle indicates where players land. Standing in these circles while flying monsters land may hurt players. Before the final boss, look for two additional chests.

Scarmiglione: Third Boss

The Fell Court Of Troia: This monster works like a trial or raid boss. Scarmiglione’s primary ability, Rotten Rampage, produces AoE fields that damage the arena’s barrier. His next assault, Blighted Bedevilment, knocks back all targets. If players don’t position themselves appropriately, they’ll be pushed into the toxic clouds and perish. Players should avoid the orange circles when Scarmiglione casts Rotten Rampage. Players must also concentrate about other mechanics.
Scarmiglione becomes invulnerable at 60% health and summons Necroserfs. Simultaneously, a bar fills to 100 on screen. Scarmiglione kills the whole party if the bar hits 100. To end the timer, kill the Necroserfs as quickly as possible while avoiding the AoE fields the monster drops.

If players survive this mechanism, the conflict continues normally, but they must be careful with placement since just a few barrier pieces remain. Scarmiglione’s Blighted Bladework strike may cover much of the arena. Get out of the orange field quickly to prevent massive harm. Players will have little issue killing this monster and conquering the new dungeon if they keep their positions in check.

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